Caught In The Heat Of August

Caught in the Heat if August. August Alsina to be exact. He played so many girls and I said I'd never be one of them. But I am. I'm scared he's gonna play me. He seems faithful to me but then again that's what his other relationships seemed like. I don't wanna be played, especially not by August. I don't even know how were together. I don't understand anything now that I'm with August. But I do know know that he's really not all that bad. At least not from the August I've seen. *an August Alsina fan fiction*


7. Chapter 4.


August's POV

"AUGUST!" Amanda screams

Sex doesn't feel the same. Sure Amanda's pretty and all but it just doesn't feel right. My whole life is all fucked up because of Kayla.

"That was great baby." Amanda pants in my ear.

"You did all the work." I say bored.

"Baby, are you bored?" She says offended

"No it's just I've got a lot on my mind."

"Well, let me make you feel better baby."

"Don't call me baby."

"Whatever." She say tying her up.

Amanda pulls off my condom and starts giving me a hand job. I pull out my phone and look for people to text. The only person I really wanna talk to is Kayla. But then again I don't. My phone vibrates. It's a text from Josiah.



"My nigga I needa tlk 2 u"



"Fine come threw"

"Tanks nigga"

Illiterate ass nigga. Amanda licks her tongue up my dick. I sit up and push her away. I slip on my boxers.

"What's wrong August?"

"It's nothing, don't worry about it."

"Oh, I see. This is about that stupid bitch Kayla ain't it? You ain't gotta trip over that hoe. She's just a side bitch."

"No Amanda, your the side bitch!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me bitch. Now get out."


"Get out Amanda!"

"No August, you can't make me leave."

"Get the fuck out Amanda, before you get hurt!"

"Oh are you threatening to hit me? We'll do it August, I fucking date you!"

"Shut up Amanda."

"No, fucking do something August!"

Then a knock at the front door disturbs us. Amanda snaps her neck back towards the door.

"Expecting someone?" She says

"You know this you dumb ass."

"Who is it?"


"Let me find out its Kayla." She says leaving the room.

"Shut up, damn." I say stomping my foot.

I grab my sweatpants and slip them on. head downstairs.

"Don't answer it."


"Because your half naked."

"And? What you're afraid Kayla's gonna see me like this?"

"No, because Josiah is coming over and he just got outta relationship, the last thing he needs to see is you. Not Kayla. She's done with me."

Amanda flips her brown hair and walks past me, upstairs. I roll my eyes and walk downstairs.


"Hold on, I'm coming." I yell to the door.

I get to the door and realize that they were knocking. Josiah never knocks. The only person who knocks is Kayla. I open the door and see her eyes are all watery. She's wearing grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. My white t-shirt to be exact. Kayla runs into my arms, filling my bare chest with tears. I rub her back and take her inside. I sit her down on the couch and shut the door.

"What's the matter?" I ask handing her a tissue.

"I-I feel like an asshole because of what I did. What I said. I shouldn't have laughed at you expressing your feelings, especially when I felt the same." She says wiping her nose with the tissue.

"It's ok Kayla. I shouldn't of been so hard on you." I say hugging her.

**Kayla's POV**

It felt good confessing to August. I didn't want to loose him like that or at all. August is my best friend, maybe even a little more. I feel August hug me tighter.

"Oh, so it 'wasn't' Kayla?" I hear a female voice say from the stairs.

August turns around and I turn my head in his chest, to see a half naked girl in one of his oversized shirts.

"Amanda, I thought I told you to leave." August says calmly

"No! Why is this hoe here?" She asks staring me down.

"Yeah August, why is this hoe here?" I ask referring to Amanda

"Uh honey, your the hoe here." Amanda says with attitude, reaching the last step.

"No Amanda, your the hoe here." August says.

"Really August, how can you sit there and defend that dirty bitch."

"I'm not, I'm telling you to get out."

"Why August? Why you gonna do me like this? Why, 'cause she's here?" Amanda says pretending to cry.

"I don't have to explain myself to you, now get out."

Amanda scoffs and runs upstairs.

"Let me go make sure this hoe don't steal my shit." August chuckles standing up.

I smile at August as his fine ass runs upstairs. I make myself comfortable and wrap myself in a blanket. I turn on the tv and as the audio comes through first, I hear fast, loud screams and grunting. I try my best to mute it or turn off the tv but the porno continues.

"August!" I yell up to him.

I hear August run downstairs and he sees my face. He just laughs.

"August! This isn't funny. Why were you watching this?

"To see how I was." He says, leaning on the railing.

"To see how you- AUGUST!"


"This is you?"


"Who were you fucking?"

"My ex, relax."

"You have a sex tape?"

"Yeah, who doesn't?"

"Um me, normal people."

"Porn is normal people's sex tapes."

I sit there facing away from him.

"Why do you care?" He asks

"No reason its just...never mind."

"What, you want one?" He laughs

"No, even if I did I wouldn't have anyone to make it with."

"You could make one with me." He smiles

"You already have one." I chuckle.

"So does Kim Kardashion." He shrugs

"AUGUST!!!!!!!" The tv screams or should I say Krystal.

Me and August start laughing. I toss him the remote and he turns the tv off. Amanda comes downstairs looking ratchet, but better than she did before.

"I'll be back later." She says walking downstairs.

"No you won't." August says.

"And why is that?" She asks.

"I'm changing my locks."

"No your not."

"How the fuck are you gonna tell me? Its my house."

"Our house."

"No, my house. I pay the bills bitch, you just suck the dick."

"Don't act like you don't lick this plate clean."

"I don't and I just met you last night, why the fuck you acting like we together?"

"I'm not about to discuss this in front of big mouth whores. I'll be back later and when I get here, I want her GONE!"

Amanda rolls her eyes before leaving. August shakes his head and takes a seat next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"So, who was that?" I ask snuggling into his chest.

"Who, Amanda?"


"You don't gotta worry about her."

"But I'm not worried, I just wanna know who she is."

August sucks his teeth.

"She was just emotional pussy."

"'Emotional pussy'?"

"Yeah, pussy I get when I'm emotional."

"Was it good?"

"I've had better." He smiles.

"Really, who?"

"You." he smiles."

I start blushing.

"You were the best I ever had." I smile

"I was the only one you ever had." He chuckles.

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