Caught In The Heat Of August

Caught in the Heat if August. August Alsina to be exact. He played so many girls and I said I'd never be one of them. But I am. I'm scared he's gonna play me. He seems faithful to me but then again that's what his other relationships seemed like. I don't wanna be played, especially not by August. I don't even know how were together. I don't understand anything now that I'm with August. But I do know know that he's really not all that bad. At least not from the August I've seen. *an August Alsina fan fiction*


6. Chapter 3.


August's POV

When I wake up I smell food. I sit up and pull on some baggy grey sweats and my navy blue wife beater and head downstairs. I smell pancakes. I walk into the kitchen and see Kayla making breakfast. I smile and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Good morning." I mumble in her ear.

"Oh, hey good morning." She says flipping a pancake.

I grab one of the pancakes that are already done and eat it.

"Is it good?"

"It's good, just not your best." I chuckle taking a seat on the stool.

"We'll what is my best?" She asks turning to face me.

"Your chocolate chip pancakes." I say with a smile.

"Oh, I see." She laughs,turning off the stove and placing the pancakes on a plate.

"So what else is there to eat?" I ask trying my luck.

"Whatever you want." She smiles walking to me.

"Oh I see."

"What did you want?"

"I want you." I say kissing her.

"August, your so dumb sometimes." She laughs punching me.

"But you love it." I smirk

"I know I do." She smiles taking a seat.

"So can I?" I ask stuffing one last pancake in my mouth.

"What, eat me?"

I nod my head, placing a hand on her thigh.

"Ha! Your so funny August."

"Alright, I see how you feel Kayla."

I stand up and walk out of the kitchen. I head upstairs and grab all my stuff. I hear Kayla's footsteps not too far behind me.

"August, what are you doing?"

"Packing my shit and leaving." I say irritated


"Cuz Kay, I felt as though we had something but it was just me, dumb ass August catching feelings too quick."

"What? August did you just say you were catching feelings?" She chuckles

"Why would it matter Kayla? You clearly don't feel the same." I say pushing past her.

"But August, I do feel the same. you just caught me off guard." She tries, running after me down the stairs.

"Bullshit." I say shaking my head.

"If anybody should be mad it should be me! Your the one who took advantage of me!"

"Me? Me taking advantage of you? Kayla you wanted it jut as much as I did. You let me win because you wanted to loose your virginity to me, not because I won but because you wanted to have bragging rights!"

"Bragging rights? August shut the fuck up!"

"Fuck you Kayla." I say before walking out the door.

Kayla slams it shut after me. At this point my blood is boiling. I never want to talk to Kayla again. She used me. I can't believe she fucking used me. I get in my car and drive my ass home pissed off so early in the morning.

*Kayla's POV*

"Fuck! Fuck FUCK!" I yell banging on the door.

What the fuck did I just do? August just confessed to having feelings for me and I laughed at him. I feel terrible. Then I hear a knock at my door. It's August. I whip the door open but he just brushes past me.

"August, I'm sorry. I ju-"

"Save it, I didn't come back here for your shitty apology." He says heading for the stairs.

"Then why did you come back?" I ask crossing my arms.

"I forgot my shoes, I don't need you tryna make money off of me and selling them on eBay or something."

"Why would I sell your Jordan's?"

"I don't know, you tell me." He says rushing downstairs.

"August look, there's no reason for you to be acting like a dick ok."

"Psh, whatever Kayla, I'll do you the favor and let myself out." He says pushing past me leaving.

"Fuck! I had a second chance to fix things and I just fucked 'em up even more."

I collapse onto the couch, spread eagle. My eyes begin to water and pretty soon I'm crying.

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