Caught In The Heat Of August

Caught in the Heat if August. August Alsina to be exact. He played so many girls and I said I'd never be one of them. But I am. I'm scared he's gonna play me. He seems faithful to me but then again that's what his other relationships seemed like. I don't wanna be played, especially not by August. I don't even know how were together. I don't understand anything now that I'm with August. But I do know know that he's really not all that bad. At least not from the August I've seen. *an August Alsina fan fiction*


5. Chapter 2.


August's POV

I lift Kayla up in my arms, cupping her ass in my hands. She wraps her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I carry her upstairs, kissing her neck. I kick down the door and set Kayla down on the bed.

"I told you this is what happens when a guy just wants to chill." She says breathing heavily through our kisses.

I smirk and push her body down on the bed. I climb on top of her and restrain her arms. I kiss her again and brush my tongue against her lips. She opens her mouth letting my tongue enter. Our tongues wrestle in each others mouths. I slide my hands up and down her waist. I slip my hand up her warm body and cup her tit. She moans a little through our kisses. I lift up her shirt and toss it to the floor. She unstraps her bra and tosses it to the floor. I off my grey shirt and throw it on the floor.

"August" She moans

She traces her fingers down my chiseled chest and my tattoos.

"You like 'em?"

"Yeah." She smiles

I unbuckle my jeans and kick them off. I return to Kayla's sexy body and kiss down her chest. I get lower. And lower. And lower down her chest until I reach her skintight jeans. I unbutton them and slide them off. Damn this is taking a long ass time. I'm about to pull off her panties but Kayla grabs my hands. I look up at her.


"Nothing, you were just moving too fast. That's all." She says letting go of my hands

Too fast? This was taking forever.

"You know, I don't have to do this."

"No, no it's fine. I mean, you won the bet."

I smile and shrug my shoulders. I start kissing her belly button then slowly slide down to her panties. I bite them and start pulling them down. When I get to her clit, I rub my tongue through her panties as she arches her back. Once they're down to her ankles I kiss my way up her thighs. She moans a little, biting her lip. I spread her legs apart so she can't clench them close as I pleasure her.

"A-August." She tries saying threw her moans.

"What?" I say looking up at her, still eating her.

"G-Go get a condom."

I suck my teeth and get up. I open her drawer and pull out a condom. I rip it open and slide it on. I keep my boxers off and slide my body up to hers. She's biting her lip.

"It's gonna be ok Kayla." I smile

She just nods her head.

"I trust you." She says

I slide in. It wasn't easy and it kinda fucking hurt. I wasn't expecting her to be this tight. I swear this was going to be the worst sex of my life and that pisses me off because I really did wanna fuck Kayla. I hear her moaning louder.

*Kayla's POV*

I moan a lot. This seems so embarrassing. August must feel so awkward. I'm moaning at every little movement, every thrust. I'm biting my lip harder and harder. I taste blood. I bit through my lip. August makes his thrusts harder and harder. God I'm not a fucking porn star. I'm a virgin. Well, not exactly a virgin anymore but I wasn't a porn star.

"August, August, AUGUST!" I call out

August thrusts harder, faster. My body feels weightless. I can't feel anything. My body feels so relieved. I feel him pull out and lay next to me breathing heavily. I cuddle up next to him and close my eyes.

"How was I?" I ask

Why the fuck would I ask him that.

"Well you were tight as fuck so that kinda hurt. But other than that you were...." He trails off

"I was what?"

He mumbles something.

"August! Tell me!" I whine punching his chest.

"Nah, I like seeing you beg."

"Me beg, I'm not begging."

"Call it what you want Kayla." He smiles, cuddling me close.

"I wasn't begging." I mumble in his chest

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