Silence The Village

There are monsters. No matter where you are, no matter how hard you try to hide, they are everywhere. Nobody can stop them, not even if they tried. Sure, you can use guns and bombs, but that won't help. They seek revenge no matter what. You can't escape the horrors of the creatures that lurk inside this village.

No matter what, you will die.


1. Backyard Shed

John Walters, his wife Julie and their two kids, Ella and Sammy lived a happy life in the village of Greenwood. John loved his family with all his heart and would've done anything to save them, no matter what. They lived in a three bedroom bungalow on the side of the road, right next to Barry's newsagents. Barry Miller, the owner of the newsagents, was great friends with the Walters family. He would often pop in to the bungalow with a batch of buns, or an apple tart or even a carton of milk. Julie would return the favor by sweeping his floors or baking a cake for him to sell.

One evening, John stood in his kitchen, gazing out into the backyard. ''I must take some stuff out of the shed to make some extra storage space, we could even have a little yard sale to sell some unwanted stuff'' he said to his wife. ''Sounds great! We could use some money to buy a bedside lamp for the children'' she replied. ''Brilliant, I'll start now'' said John, finishing off his cup of tea and putting it in the sink. He made his way out into the back garden shed.

''Hey Sammy, everything alright?'' he asked his son, who was bouncing up and down on the trampoline. Sammy nodded and continued bouncing. John chuckled and opened the shed doors. He coughed as a massive amount of dust came flying out. He instantly saw some great 'yard-sale' material. An old shears, some unwanted tools, some baby toys that they had bought for Ella and Sammy when they were babies.

But something odd caught his eye. A stack of cardboard boxes in the corner, labelled 'fragile, do not break.' He walked over to the boxes and moved them out of the way. What happened next, caused chaos. A blood curdling scream and a shatter of glass. John fell backwards in shock, a piece of broken glass ripping his face. The monster jumped on top of him, pounding him until he was out of breath. He opened his eyes to see a horrible thing, a girl with yellow eyes and grey skin, the colour of clouds about to rain. But the weirdest of all, she had rotten, broken, sharp teeth. Her scary appearance made John punch her in the face until she was dead.

Now John had been extremely lucky that that girl had been weak with hunger, or else he would not have survived. The creatures were normally strong, almost invincible. Neighbors had heard the news and of course told it to the local newspaper. The whole village was now getting worried that there would be some 'apocalypse' or something like an invasion.

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