Its just me.


1. Its just me.

hayleighs p.o.v

"hayleigh get your ass down here before I chuck you out of here your gonna be late for college"

uuuugggghhhh I hate getting up in the morning its the worst feeling ever, I managed to roll out of bed with great difficulty, I looked out the window and noticed that rece one of the colleges "bad boys" was just getting up to, he always waved to me and winked at me in the morning he always wanted to go out with me but I know for a fact that im never going to be his girlfriend, he uses girls.

"hayleigh, don't make me come up there"

"im up mum im up" I went to my private bathroom, I pulled out my make up kit, and covered the bruises on my arms, legs and face. the only people who knew about the bruises are my 5 best friends and my mum. I've never told anyone because I don't want them to worry about me, I cant say im happy with the situation im in but im not un happy, my life's not that bad, I have a great group of friends, im pretty popular although im not a snob like some popular people can be, in fact some of my best friends get bullied by my ex, I always look out for them because its unfair they are humans with feelings just like us. Once im ready to go to college i hurry to get out of the house because I can tell my mums pissed at me, i stepped out on to my drive and got into my car only to find out it had broken down.

"great that's just what i need" i guess im walking.

"hey princess, need a ride" rece asked me, why does he always show up

"no im fine, i will walk"

"but princess your never gonna make it in time" uuuugggghhhh I hate it when he's right.

"fine" I sighed, he smirked at me and gestured for me to get in.

" you looked so cute this morning princess" my cheeks went red at that point i couldn't help but blush i mean the bad boy who never complements girls, he just comes onto them " you look so cute when you blush"

"rece im not going out with you" as i said that his facial features dropped from a smile to a frown, I didn't want to go out with him even though i had seen him shirtless, he is my neighbour and there are window so we can see into each others rooms. let me tell you he must go to the gym at least 3 times a week his abs were so carved and i started having dirty thoughts when I saw them.

" princess, i know you've heard the stories about me and all those girls, but I promise you I've changed i haven't been out with anyone for 8 weeks because you drive me crazy" I sort of felt bad now.

" rece how do i know you've changed, its true that you haven't had a girl for a while but you might just want to use me like you did to all those other girls, i.... i just don't want to get hurt" I quietened down at the end, it felt weird opening up to rece like this but what else was i supposed to say?

" princess , i know how you must feel but the only reason i did that to all those girls was because you had been driving me up the wall and i knew i needed to take my mind off you I'm sorry"

" rece just drive" i didn't know what  to say i felt upset because i knew he meant it, i just didn't respond well to people pouring out their emotions in front of me, i turned around and kept looking out of the window, why car, why did you have to break down.

" oh princess, im sorry i didn't mean to...... im sorry"

" rece its fine, its just me" i knew i couldn't cry because that  would reveal my bruises and i couldn't let him know about them so i bit my tongue for the rest of the journey.

we finally got to college .

reces p.o.v

uuuugggghhhh I blew it again, I really need hayleigh to be with me, we went to the same primary school, and the same high school, I never really knew how to show my emotions towards girls that I liked , I bullied her for a year but I stopped in yr. 5 because I could see it was getting her down and it makes my heartbreak a little every time I see her sad, upset or crying, her beautiful smile disappears and it makes my smile go as well, my life revolves around her now and I really do love her, always have and I always will.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my best friend ashton " wow dude you look down"

"yeah" I hate it when he picks up on how im feeling straight away, I can get so annoying.

" dude you need to move on, you've had a crush on her since primary school and she hasn't said that she is going to be your girlfriend you need to find someone else" he was right but I couldn't she drives me insane.

" its not as simple as that ashton, I cant just move on I've loved her since before I can remember" I hate having to tell him my emotions but If I don't he won't leave me alone I know it.

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