Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Murder File


9. Case 9


This idea belongs to my good friend, I just went on a marathon, found some evidence, and wrote this chapter.

Is it possible that...

A) The American government is spying on us through Gravity Falls,

B) The American government is trying to control our minds through the show, or

C) Alex Hirsch is psychic?

(Or maybe he just pays attention to his fans... nahhhh)

Let us run through the evidence I have uncovered. First of all, the hypnosis that is the theme song. It hypnotizes you. I can't be the only one that has listened to nothing but that song for hours when a pick-me-up is needed. The show is pretty hypnotic too. It was made for marathoning; one does not simply just watch one!

I am going in the order my marathon went, and I rarely watch episodes in order.

First of all; the episode "Boyz Crazy." The first piece of evidence is that song that fits everyone's relationship to the show (unless I'm just crazy and the only one...)

"When I think about you, I feel feelins so deep, I'm tossin and turnin and you know I'm losin sleep..."

And what does the backwards message say? "YOU ARE NOW UNDER MY CONTROL... YOUR MIND IS MINE..."


And then there's everyone's favorite fictional boy band.

We all know how Mabel went nuts for these guys and didn't want to let them go. Perhaps this was aimed for Directioners to tell them that they become rabid monsters, thus turning them against the five boys and taking away some of the support from Americans to the British economy.

Next up, "Trooth Ache" from "Bottomless Pit!".

It's called reverse psychology folks. Everything Stan does throughout the series is possibly absolutely dripping in reverse psychology.

And finally, a quick look at "Irrational Treasure."

"Oh, our government isn't so bad compared to what Quentin Trembley's time was like!"

... Yeah, you get the jist.

And finally...

Who is obviously based on...

This chapter is a joke and I honestly hope nobody takes it seriously

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