Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Murder File


8. Case 8

Aside from being a Human Fortune Cookie (Yoda, Shifu, Dumbledore, and I have Wise Proverb Competitions.), I am a Plothole Detector. I find plotholes like a metal detector finds metal. Well, a quality metal detector...

Anyway, I has found this forever ago after watching "Gideon Rises" for the second time. I had been on a marathon, so I had seen "Bottomless Pit!" just a while earlier.

I apologize for not bringing this plothole to y'all's attention sooner. I've been a wee bit busy. Anyway...


Stanford knew about the twins possessing Journal Three before Dipthong and Mabel Syrup told him.

(In other news, I need to find a more insulting nickname for her. I mean, I have Dip, Dippingsauce, Dipwad, Dipthong. And there's Mabel Syrup...)

So we all know the sadness that was Stanford Pines laughing at Dipper and Mabel and taking the Journal - and nearly destroying his position of my Spirit Animal for the second time in two episodes.

But in actuality, my plothole sensor went /ding!/, because Stanford has known since he, Soos, Mabel, and Dipper fell down that bottomless pit. ("...which, as you can see here, is bottomless.")

I believe we all remember "Truth Ache," the story Mabel tells. (I feel this is an important short. There is a theory I derived from it that I need to add that to my list of To Do Theories for this Movella. I also need a life. I doubt the latter will ever happen.) Anyway, Mabel is telling about how she took those golden dentures and ruined everyone's lives with the dadgum things. (Don't judge the Southern Slang!)

And in the story, she must say she finds the teeth - not the actual teeth. The info of the them - in a page in the Journal. I mean, that's what happened, right?

Unless Stanford was being his normal self and not listening, I think he knew for a while. Perhaps he was just waiting for the right time to snag the Journals. What do you have to say to that?! Hmm, Stanford?!

"You're insane."

You can't see this, but I am giving him two thumbs up. There are only two appropriate ways to respond to being called insane. Thumbs up... or quoting my brother-in-law. And that's kinda Prezzie's turf, except when I'm trying to annoy Bill.

Anyway, I hope this plothole was understandable enough. I am rushing.

"Will you untie me?! I told you that I was not going to discuss plotholes."


Sorry... Stupid Spirit Animals. Ya know, Eminem never whined.

"I want to watch The Duchess Approves!"

Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.

I am sorry! It's late and I have no brain at night! Just enjoy the plothole, and ignore my craziness that I'm too lazy to edit out.

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