Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Murder File


16. Case 16: Goofs

Season one

Multiple episodes

Although Stan's fez was updated in "Bottomless Pit!," the design on Bill's page in 2 (on the wheel) in the theme song did not, even though later in "Dreamscaperers," you can see that Stan's fez was updated on the wheel.

In some scenes, Sheriff Blubs has four fingers, while in some others, he has five.

Grenda's hair clip alternates between her left and right side, and has even had a hair clip on both sides.

Tourist Trapped

The "ENTER!" sign in Stan's arms points to the left, and there are two signs behind it pointing to the right. When they are handed to Dipper, the "ENTER!" sign points to the right and the two signs behind it point to the left.

While Dipper was reading from Journal 3, he read "studying" even though the book said "researching."

The book 3 that Dipper discovers has a hand symbol on the book cover that alternates between five and six fingers in several scenes.

During the cart chase right after the gnomes miss the first attack Dipper's hat is gone and reappears after a gnome lands on the cart.

After Dipper and Mabel crash the Mystery Cart, its position moves several times throughout the scene.

When Dipper and Mabel are being chased, a rear shot of the back of the Mystery Cart shows that Dipper's hat is missing despite it being present in the preceding and following shots.

The leaf blower sucked Mabel's lips, but the "smooch mark" was on her cheek.

When you see the triangle stained window from the inside it is centered with a double ring, but from the outside it has a single ring.

When Mabel is responding to Jeff's proposal, Jeff's beard is red instead of brown.

When Wendy pulls up in the Mystery Cart, there are four flaps across the top. But when Dipper goes to save Mabel, there are only three.

When Dipper first gets the Mystery Cart the flag in the back is missing.

Dipper throws a shovel at the gnomes and is shown that it was left at the gnome hideout but later reappears when Dipper grabs it to throw it at the giant gnome monster.

When Dipper throws the shovel at the gnomes, Dipper and Mabel are a few feet apart, but in the next camera angle they're holding each other.

Dipper says that Norman never blinks but Jeff does in fact blink.

When it shows the map of Oregon, Corvallis is spelled Corvalis.

The Legend of the Gobblewonker

When Mabel says "blah" after coughing on syrup, her mouth doesn't move.

Grunkle Stan's license plate reads "STNLYMBL" which is 8 characters long, but in the state of Oregon, the max number of characters allowed on a license plate is 6.

When Soos lost his shirt, it reappeared during one of the fishing pictures and disappeared again after the pictures.

When Old Man McGucket says "Aw, banjo polish!" when he was leaving the screen, his mouth didn't move.

When Soos grabs Dipper by the top of the life-jacket when they are running away from the Gobblewonker, one shot shows Dipper wearing the life jacket, and it is raised up so you can see his stomach. However, when the shot pans out, the shirt that he is wearing under his life jacket covers up his stomach.

Dipper's fishing hat lost the last two letters during the pictures, but later all the letters are back.

During Mabel's daydream with the hamster ball, Xyler had blue framed sunglasses and Craz had pink framed sunglasses. After Mabel talks to them both had pink frames.

In the pictures of Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos the letters on Dipper's hat are all blue and the letters on Mabel's hat are all pink.

In the first picture Dipper took, Mabel's hat's name colors are the same, plus, before Dipper took the picture you can see Soos' arm, but in the picture you don't.

When Soos is throwing the cameras at the Gobblewonker, some cameras randomly appear in his hand.

When Dipper meets up with Stan he had his hat on, but when Mabel and Dipper put on his fishing hats, Dipper's hat disappears.

When Soos was throwing cameras at the Gobblewonker, he had about 9 or 10. But they only had 8 left.

When the trio first enters the cave, Soos lets go of the beaver and it lands onto the floor, but in the next scene, it disappears.

When the boat drives through the glass pane, the robot Gobblewonker disappears until Soos, Dipper, and Mabel are about to crash in the cave.

The credits used Jason Ritter's middle name instead of his last. He is listed as Jason Morgan.

As Dipper says "Change of plans," a gap opens in the line that makes up Mabel's hair, only to vanish a second or two later.


Wax Larry King is first shown to be the same height as Wax Sherlock Holmes, but in the next scene he is much shorter.

Mabel's drawings of her sculpture ideas had color, but she was using a regular pencil.

When Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs raid Toby Determined's office, Deputy Durland says 'Derp' without moving his mouth.

Shandra Jimenez is not at the re-opening of the Wax Museum, but she is there when Mabel calls on her for questions.

When Grunkle Stan left to use the bathroom, the lights were on, but when he came back, the lights were off. However, the wax figures may have done this so they didn't melt or weren't caught.

When Mabel leaned forwards to say, "Even us!" the button on her disposable camera disappeared.

The footprints left holes in the shag carpet pushed down into the carpet. If the shoe had a hole in it, the carpet fabric would push up into the shoe.

After the flashback of Manly Dan punching down the pole, the jar of eyeballs on the counter disappears.

Grunkle Stan's eyes are white when he says "Thank you all for coming".

Some of the footprints that are supposed to have holes in them don't have holes.

When Blubs and Durland checked the axe for fingerprints, they would have found Soos, Dipper, and Mabel's prints because they each touched it earlier.

When the security footage of Toby is shown the first time it starts at 10:00 and the seconds are at 1. But the second time it is shown, the seconds are back at 0 and the clock still says 10:00.

All of the wax figures have the hole in their shoe on the right. The ones on the carpet show a hole on the left.

The wax figures say they come alive during a waxing moon, but the moon shown during the fight between Dipper and Wax Sherlock Holmes is waning.

Toby Determined had a picture of wax Grunkle Stan's head, despite it being missing at the time.

When Grunkle Stan leaves to use the bathroom, Wax Stan has a stand. Yet, when he is on the ground, the stand is missing.

Manly Dan's name is misspelled as "Manley Dan" in Dipper's list of suspects.

Wax Robin Hood's bow switches from having an arrow to nothing.

In the scene where Mabel says, "Are you saying you could outwit Duck-tective?", before she says her line, her eyebrows and eyelashes are missing.

In the flashback when Dipper explains why Toby Determined was the murderer, Toby's left shoe had the hole inside. But when they show the footprints, the hole was in the right shoe and earlier it was in the left shoe when they looked on the carpet.

In the flashback where Wax Sherlock Holmes decapitates Wax Stan, he appears to be sitting down because his legs are bent. When Wax Stan falls, he is standing up again..

In the flashback where wax Sherlock Holmes decapitates wax Stan and he looks at the head, the design on the hat is missing the little triangle.

Despite being British, Wax Sherlock Holmes uses the word 'pants' when he says "Outsmarted by a child in short pants? Noooo!"

When Stan regains Wax Stan's head after the battle, the color of the band on the back of his fez changes color for a few frames, from yellow to red, and then it goes back to normal.

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