Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Murder File


11. Case 11: Robbie The Zombie (reddit covo I found)

I'm thinking Robbie's a zombie.

Think about it: In the pilot episode, zombies are disguised as teenagers and generally wear the clothing Robbie wears. During the fifth episode, he is never punished by the ghosts but still seems to disappear.

I disagree. A lot of folks on tumblr seem to think he's a Frankenstein monster, and it makes sense. His body is always covered with the hoodie and long jeans, (hiding scars?) plus the broken heart on the sweater can be seen as a stitched heart.

A Frankenstein Monster is still a zombie. It is a reanimated dead body made up of parts of different people.

That's a flesh golem, not a zombie. A zombie is a single individual, reanimated.


From Tourist Trapped: "Known for their pale skin and bad attitudes, these creatures are often mistaken for teenagers."


There's also the graffiti in Thompson's van that says "Zombies Rule"

I don't know about that part, but Robbie's definitely involved in whatever's going on with Bill Cipher. On the wheel around Bill in the journal, it has the heart that's on Robbie's hoodie.


I can see how they would reveal he's zombiefied, that like Dipper rescues Wendy from him and wins her heart. But that would be something to happen at the end of the series.

And yeah, he plays a part in the Bill situation. He's got his mysterious hypnotic CD track, so yeah.

A zombie named Robbie who is a musician and has a hypnotic CD track? Can anyone say Rob Zombie?

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