Are you really that bad? - Punk Louis -


Iyla Styles is Harry Styles' twin sister. Harry is the leader of one of the biggest gangs in London. Louis is the leader of another one of the biggest gangs in London. Harry's warned Iyla about Louis, but does she listen? I think not.



2. Chapter Two- What?

"Iyla." My eyes shot up, and I looked at Mr Thomas who was trying to teach an English lesson. "Listen up." He simply said, I rolled my eyes and he began to babble on. Harry was in most of my lessons so I knew that if Louis was in them same lessons, Louis wouldn't dare to lay a finger on me, but if he was as a bad a Harry explained him to be, maybe he would. The bell for end of lesson rang and everyone pushed out their chairs at the same time, making a horrendous screeching sound. I put my stuff in my bag and then just as I was about to leave...Mr Thomas said my name, Again.

"Iyla, what was distracting you this lesson? You're usually all hyper, and smiley." He said, and I shrugged my shoulders. "Just not in the mood I guess, Sir." With that I left his classroom. I dragged my feet along the floors of the -now empty- corridors. Not a sound. Only the sound of my feet tapping on the floor. I heard someone clear their throat. I looked behind me, and there stood...Louis. He kicked his locker shut with his foot, and then began to walk over to me. "Your bum looks cute in these." He tapped my hip slightly, and winked before walking off.

"Excuse me?" I said, so loud that he turned back round, and stopped walking. I walked up to him, and stood about two footsteps in-front of him. He smirked, and then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forward, so I chests were touching. He didn't let go of my shoulders, He held me in place, and then his hands went down to my hips, squeezing my wrists against them. "I'm a lot strong that you Iyla Styles. I've heard a-lot about you, babe. So if I was you...I wouldn't speak back, and I was complimenting you so, just say thanks and then walk away." He said.

"T-Thanks?" He was about to let my wrists go, but he was stopped by a loud familiar voice. "GET THE FUCK OFF MY SISTER." Louis laughed dryly, and then licked his lips. "I have her, you just go back to lesson and I'll let her go." Louis said, but Harry wasn't standing for that. He just

crossed his hands over his chest. "Harry please, just so as he says." I said and as soon as Harry turned around. Louis let go of me. I instantly looked at my wrists, they were red and really hurt. I was pretty sure I would get bruises. Louis swung his back pack over his shoulder and winked at me before walking away.

"I though dad said, 'stay away' Iyla. You'll get yourself killed." Harry said, when he heard me coming up behind me. "He really hurt me." I mumbled, and Harry turned around and I held up my wrists they were as red as a tomato, and that is not even exaggeration. That is the truth. "Just come on. We'll be late for next lesson."

We walked into the next class and it was Science with Mrs France, it would make sense her been a languages teacher get what I did there? No? Okay. "You're both late." He stated.

"I am aware." Harry mumbled, and then sat in his seat. All lesson I had one thing on my mind. It wasn't science. It was Louis.

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