Are you really that bad? - Punk Louis -


Iyla Styles is Harry Styles' twin sister. Harry is the leader of one of the biggest gangs in London. Louis is the leader of another one of the biggest gangs in London. Harry's warned Iyla about Louis, but does she listen? I think not.



1. Chapter One-Creep.

Iyla’s POV

You always have them girly chats about boys with your mum, the one’s you want to avoid, but when there is nothing else to talk about it always seems to come up. I mean you can cope with them chats with your mum. But when it comes to having them with your dad it’s a different matter. They don’t want to be avoided. They need to be avoided. You can’t cope with them, because they are like getting tortured. I mean, for me it’s like that anyway. With the boys at my school, and having a brother like I do, all my parents want is success from either me or Mila, my 3 year old, younger sister.

“Iyla, get down here!” I heard my mum cry. I thought back to something I could have done wrong, nope. Nothing. “Coming mum” I mumbled, and walked into the living room, my dad, Harry, Mila and my mum were sat there. Mila switched the TV over to Peppa Pig and then clapped her hands together.

“Kitchen?” My mum said, and Harry and my dad followed her lead, so I guess I went too. They all sat around the table. “Hunny...” My mum started, and I nodded my head, eager to hear what I had done this time. “Your brother has been telling me about the new boys that are joining your school.” I looked over at Harry who was using his tongue to mess with his lip ring. I scowled at him. I knew that Harry would tell.

“What about them?” I knew exactly what was wrong with them. I just wanted to see if Harry told them everything. “Harry’s heard bad things, Iyla. They are bad people. You stay away from them.” My dad said, and he looked at me, his eyes darker than usual. “Am I crystal clear?” My dad said, I’m not a baby. “Crystal.” I repeated and then looked back over at Harry. He was covered in tattoos, pointless tattoo’s. He just wanted to be colourful, or just wanted to stand out. I guess he did get a-lot of female attention over it, girls in my year drooling over him. It’s disgusting. Even my best friends love him, always wanting to come over to just look at him, snoop over his things and then gossip it to the other girls. Don’t get me wrong, they are brilliant best friends, just I wish they would pay a-bit more attention to me, than my brother.

“Okay. Now go get dressed and I’ll drive you down to school.” My mum said, and then I listened to her. I let my hair out of its hair tie, and let it fall down my back, while I did my make-up, I let my hair straighteners warm up. I straightened my hair until it was perfect, and then I got dressed, it was spring but it was unusually hot for an English temperature, about 20 degrees. I switched off the light in my bedroom and then headed downstairs. I laced my boots up before gong to tell my mum that I was ready.

"Them shorts are a-bit short." I laughed, and then turned to face Harry. "That's why they are called shorts not longs, clearly Einstein." I said and tapped my temple. "I warned you about Louis. He takes one look at you in them shorts, and boom. You're his."

"What do you mean i'm his?" I said, and I cocked an eyebrow. "You're his. Simple as. His girlfriend. His girl-toy. His. and I don't want that to happen to my little sister."

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