Hazel Shadow was born in 1864. When she turned eleven, she went to Hogwarts. Since then she has been trapped in an anti-aging spell. Every year she goes through her first year again.
But Hazel has a secret. She is a Metamorphmagus: she can change her appearance at will. So every year, she goes as a new person, with a new name. Hazel Shadow is her real name. She is going as herself after all these years.
But what Hazel doesn't know is that revealing herself will have bigger consequences than she ever thought...
*Harry Potter Fanfiction. Cover made by the amazing Lily Anna Nightshade*


6. Traces of Suspicion


Traces of Suspicion

   Sleep trailed astray from Hazel that night as the lay in bed. She reached for it, but before she could cling to it it floated further from her grasp. With a sigh she unraveled the duvet and clambered out of her four-poster, shivering at the chilling touch of the stony floorboards on her bare feet. 

  Despite knowing she wasn't supposed to, Hazel thought about wandering around the castle; she'd done it aplenty times before and never been caught (probably because she took on the appearance of an ordinary object or ornament); maybe she could uncover more of the castles secrets - although, over the last one-hundred-and-twenty or so years, Hazel was sure she knew it all. 

  Attempting to put as little weight on the floorboards as possible, Hazel glided out of the dormitory and trailed from the Gryffindor common room. A few steps away from the portrait, a voice faltered her rhythmic footsteps. 

  "What time do you call this?" the Fat Lady inquired. She seemed to have just woken up.This wasn't unusual: Hazel knew the moving portrait's timetable better than anyone. Often she awoke portraits on her travels - but, of course, the Fat Lady was a new venue from the images up Ravenclaw Tower.

  "Sorry," Hazel fussed sheepishly, smoothing out her pajamas as though that would make a difference. The Fat Lady shook her head, fed up, then turned away. Hazel hurried off before anymore distractions could arouse. 

  The castle's silence was deadly - the eeriness uncanny. Something felt wrong... but why? Hazel had journeyed the castle innumerable times, the run of the place her's to have. 

  She could sense the presence of someone else. Professor Dumbledore would be hidden away in his office, but perhaps Professor Snape or Professor Quirrel would be awake at this hour.

   Cautiously, her back pressed against the wall, Hazel turned the corner - and bumped straight into a body. Those dark hair and dark eyes could only mean one thing. 

   Hazel wasn't sure why she did it. She could trust Anna; she knew that; so why was she sweating uncontrollably? Why was her palms wet, her eyes wide, her face red? Why did she just turn herself into a China ornament? 

  She heard Anna gasp, a small sound, but still, an intake of breath - she had seen Hazel, and she knew that she was a Metamorphmagus.


  The silence was unbelievably loud. 

  Hazel turned back into herself, then cursed under her breath. Maybe if she had remained as the small, unnoticeable ornament until Anna passed, Anna might have forgotten about it, made excuses in her head so that she convinced herself it wasn't real. But now she had seen Hazel transform back into herself; there was no explanation that would be acceptable in this situation. 

  Eyes still wide, Hazel sighed, and started walking away rather leisurely towards the staircase. Pausing on the second step, she turned around to see a stunned looking Anna pursuing her. 

 They climbed the stairs until they reached the seventh floor. 

 "Hazel, what's going on?" Anna asked. She seemed to have come to her senses and was putting the pieces together. "I've studied Metamorphmagus' in Transfiguration but there's nothing said about objects."

 So it was that easy, Hazel thought, to guess what she was. She wondered how many other people had made the correct assumption. 

 But then her mind recalled that word. Objects. Of course Metamorphmagus's could turn into objects - couldn't they? Hazel could, and she had never met another one. Still, she bit her tongue. She couldn't reveal anything until they were in a safe place. 

  Slowly inclining her head towards the left corridor, with Anna in pursuit, the trooped towards the empty wall. 

 Pacing the wall three times, chanting words in her head, Hazel watched as the brass notches snaked together, the golden door knobs emerged, and soon enough, the huge double doors were wide open. 

 "Wow," breathed Anna.

  Despite herself, Hazel smiled at Anna. "Welcome," she said, pausing for effect. "to the Room of Requirement."

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