Hazel Shadow was born in 1864. When she turned eleven, she went to Hogwarts. Since then she has been trapped in an anti-aging spell. Every year she goes through her first year again.
But Hazel has a secret. She is a Metamorphmagus: she can change her appearance at will. So every year, she goes as a new person, with a new name. Hazel Shadow is her real name. She is going as herself after all these years.
But what Hazel doesn't know is that revealing herself will have bigger consequences than she ever thought...
*Harry Potter Fanfiction. Cover made by the amazing Lily Anna Nightshade*


3. The Sorting


The Sorting


    The boat rocked as some of the other first years sifted nervously, their agitated movements abrupt and jerky. Hazel was calm, hands folded in her lap. After all, she had  been through this more times than she could count. Yet still there was a tingle in her stomach. A tingle of apprehension. This was not her first time being sorted, but it was her first time being sorted as herself. 

    Hazel drew in a deep breath of the cool night air and looked up at the castle that she considered home. The glassy surface of the lake reflected the lights on the tips of each of the spires as well as those shining through the windows and illuminating the doorways. No matter how many times she had viewed the castle through the perspective of a first year, it never ceased to amaze her.

    “It’s huge,” Anna breathed.

    “Wait until you see inside,” Hazel commented casually.

    Anna turned her innocent eyes to Hazel. “You’ve been here before?”

    “My cousins have sent me pictures,” Hazel lied, covering her lapse easily. Lying had become a second nature to her. Creating stories, explanations and excuses had been a part of her daily life for years now. But that would have to stop.

    The boats came to a halt and the students eagerly disembarked, filing up to the castle in a silent line, all too tense for chatter. The massive doors swung open, seemingly of their own accord, causing several of the first years’ jaws to drop in awe. Hazel smiled slightly at the looks on their faces. She wished she could relive her first time. Though sometimes she wished it had been the only time. Yet, just like every year past, Hazel stepped into the castle, joining the knot of students that had formed in front of the Potions Professor. Every year, a different Head of House welcomed the students. He looked peeved, as if he had drawn the short straw.

    “In a few moments, you will step into the Great Hall. There, you will be called up alphabetically and the Sorting Hat will be placed on your head. You will be sorted and then join your house. Questions?” he asked brusquely.

    No one spoke. The tall man turned and threw open the door to reveal a hall filled with students. The noise was cheerful and nearly everyone looked to be smiling and having a good time. Hazel spotted a few of her friends from the years before, all in different grades. She had shared her first year with everyone in this room, Hazel realized. And yet, at the same time, none of them realized they had shared it with her. It was tough.

    Pushing those thoughts from her mind for the time being, Hazel filed to the front of the room with everyone else. She felt eyes on her and had to strongly resist changing herself, blending in as she had done previously. With a deep breath, Hazel made it to the front, lining up with the others. The Sorting Hay sat on the stool in the center of the stage and, for the first time in a long time, Hazel looked at it with trepidation. What would it tell about her? Where would it put her? 

    Hazel wasn’t sure she knew who she was anymore after all those changes. In a few moments, it seemed she would find out.


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