Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


2. Two

I wake up in the same place. I attempt to move and feel a sharp pain in my left arm. "Ah!" I cry. I look down and see a knife handle sticking out. I shouldn't pull it out, it would increase the blood flow. I haul my self up. I recognize my surroundings. I can get home from here. I stumble forwards and fall down. I have to do this. I get up again and lean myself against the wall. I slide along, using the wall to support me. I get to the hallway and push myself through the final few steps. I collapse against the door, which gives way. I fall on the floor. "Tobias!" I hear my mothers voice, "It's Dani!" I feel her hair brush my face and I lift up my arm. I grip a lock of her hair. She places her hand on mine. I feel dad's strong arms lift me up. I reach out to touch his face. I feel his rough skin and feel safe.

Dad lies me down on his bed. I groan as I feel another sharp burst of pain in my arm. He holds my arm tight and grips the knife handle. "Tris, get a dressing!" He says as he prepares to pull out the knife. Mum leaves the room to do so. Dad  yanks at the handle of the knife. I scream and feel the tears coming to my eyes. The knife is out. Dad covers the wound with his hand as mum passes him the dressing. He gently wraps my arm with the dressing and ties it tightly with a knot when he's done. He kisses my forehead and strokes my hair before leaving with mum.

I hear their voices from the bed. "What happened Tobias? What was she doing?" It's mum. Dad sighs "She was seeing someone!" I open my eyes and see my parents in the corner of the room."What's wrong with that? I was the same age when I met you!" Mum says. I wait for what dad is about to tell her. I know it is coming. "Well, she was seeing Eric's 21 year old younger brother!" I sigh. There goes one secret. "What!" Mum yells, "Five years age gap!" Dad nods and sighs again. They kiss and leave.

I pick myself up and drag myself out of bed. I tiptoe over to the door and slip out. I go to Clese's room and knock on the door. He opens it and smiles when he sees me. I wrap my arms around him. "Come in!" He says. We sit on his bed in silence. He reaches out and touches my arm. "Ow!" I cry. He lifts up my sleeve and sees the bandage. "What happened?" He asks, brushing his hand against the bandage. "Got stabbed." I say, perhaps a little to casually. He puts my sleeve back down and his lips brush mine. I pull him closer, increasing the pressure on my mouth. His arm goes behind my head and his hand grips my hair. I wrap my arm around his hip and leave my left  arm hanging by my side. He gently takes my left hand and laces his fingers through mine. We sit there, kissing and forget everything that has happened. This is who I belong to, this is where I belong. 

Clese suddenly lets go of me. "I-" He says, his face going bright red. "What?" I say, my lips brushing his cheek. He pushes my face away. I get up, shoving him down. "Fine!" I shout, "Fine! If that's how it is!" I storm away from him, heading for the door. "Dani..." He says getting up after me. I don't care. I slam the door behind me and go back home. 

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