Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


3. Three

I reach home and shove the door open. "Dani!" mum says, "What's up?" I ignore her and slump on my bed. "Dani?" mum approaches me gently. I shake her off. "What happened honey?" She sits down next to me and places her hand on my back. "Clese," I say turning away from her.  She moves closer to me. "What did he do?" mum asks me. I look at her, the tears pouring from my eyes. "What do you think?" I say. Dad then enters. I get up off the bed and go to exit the house,but dad holds his hand out to stop me. I try to shake him off but he's to strong when he tries.

"What's happening here then ladies?" He says turning me round and sitting me down. "Nothing!" mum and I say in unison. Dad laughs. "That means something!" He sits himself down next to mum and slips his arm round her. "Dani, went on a... little trip!" mum says uncertainly. Dad's smile fades. "Why did you leave to see Clese?" He says sternly. My face turns red. I get up and try to run. Dad stops me. "What did you do?" He hisses in my face. Instead of throw a punch I just stand there and sob. "I did nothing!" I cry, "I am not the one who breaks your heart just as it starts beating. I'm not the one  who, when you have just realized who you are, ruins your self identity. That person is not me. It's Clese!" The tears flow faster down my cheeks. Dad's expression softens and he embraces me. I stand there in his arms and cry away everything.



I lay in my bed. I hear the faint murmur of my parent's voices. I breath with each of their sentences, with each of their breaths. The door creeks open. I slither of light sneaks into the room. I sit up as a figure strides towards me. I clasp my gun and click the bullet into place. "Who are you?" I demand, "What do you want?" My fingers rest on the trigger ready to shoot. "It's Clese!" That voice... 

"I want to explain!" He says sitting down on my bed. I push him off with the butt of my gun and he falls to the floor. "Don't bother!" I say, kicking him before he can get up."Listen!" He says, "The reason I couldn't kiss you is because- because, I stabbed you!" My arm suddenly hurts again. My heart beat speeds up. I feel the anger rising up in me. "You!" I yell. I kick him hard in the stomach. He groans. I slap him and kick him and punch him. Who cares if it hurts? 

I feel someone grabbing me. I struggle to get away, but the grip is strong. "He stabbed me!" I cry "It was him, he stabbed me!" I feel the grip go and I lunge out to grab Clese. Dad steps out from behind me and pushes me behind him. He grabs the collar of Clese's shirt and lifts him off the ground. "You!" He yells in Clese's face. Mum comes rushing up. "Tobias, put him down!" Dad drops Clese. "What the..." Mum says. 

Clese is whimpering on the ground. I am aiming at him with my gun. Dad is being restrained by mum, who is completely confused. "It was him!" I say "It was him who stabbed me!"  She lets go of dad's arm. "Heracles!" She says, "You better leave!" Clese gets up and runs away, fast. Mum turns to me. "Be careful, we want to be in shape for your aptitude test!" She says. Aptitude test! I had completely forgotten. It's tomorrow. I start to go into a blind panic. "What happens if I don't get Dauntless?" I say.

Dad rests his had on my shoulder "I got Abnegation," He says, "But I still chose Dauntless!" I sigh. He just can't understand. "Yeah," I say, "But you're Divergent. You can choose any old crap you like!" 


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