Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


10. Ten

I sit in the training room watching Bee-tee fight Gemma. Bee-tee is winning... so far. Gemma throws a neat punch knocking Bee-tee out cold. I sigh, expecting Gemma to walk away, but she doesn't. She carries on punching and kicking Bee-tee. I have to do something. I push with my good arm and stand up, on both legs. My broken leg is killing me, but I have to do this. Each step I take with my broken leg sends a sharp pain shooting up. I reach Gemma.

"Oh hey cripple!" She says, "Wanna join in?" I reach back with my good arm and slam my fist into her face. She screams. I punch her again, and she falls to the floor... Unconscious.

I feel myself falling and try to re-balance myself, but I know I will topple over. Harrison rushes over and catches me. I smile up at him as he carries me to the wheelchair.


"Now be safe, and don't beat anyone up!" Harrison says as Bee-tee pushes me off in the wheelchair. I wave goodbye to him. "Hey Dani!" Sierra's hand rests on my shoulder, "Is there something between you two?"

"Between who two?" I ask. Bee-tee laughs, "Stop trying to act like the innocent party!"

"I'm not!" 

"Yeah right!" The girls all laugh. I sigh. I won't tell them... yet.

We go to a cafe. We have cake and coffee and then leave. Sierra is now pushing me. "Where shall we go?" She asks.

"Tattoo parlor!" Bee-tee says, "I want this really cool octopus one!" 

"Oh yeah!" I say excited, "I was gonna get that on my leg!" Bee-tee and I high-five and laugh.

We arrive at the tattoo parlor and Bee-tee goes up first, getting an octopus on the back of her neck. Then its me. The tentacles of the octopus snake round my leg and tangle up with one and other. I smile, pleased with Bunty's work.

Our next stop is the hairdressers. Sierra gets pink, green and blue streaks in her recently blonde hair. I smile and then decide to dip-die my hair pink. We leave happily looking at our newly died hair. We then go to Paddy's Studio and Bee-tee get's a nose piercing. 

We spend the day hanging round the pit, laughing and talking. I feel so open and free. If only it could be like this all the time.  If only I wasn't in the bounds of a wheelchair. I look up at the time. 10:45 pm. "We should be getting back!" I say. The girls nod in agreement and we make our way back.

Bee-tee and I split off from the others so Bee-tee can drop me round at Harrison's apartment. Harrison opens the door and Bee-tee leaves. Harrison wheels me in and shuts the door behind him. We kiss. Harrison lifts me up and lays me in the bed. I lift my hand up and  touch his face. He smiles at me and his mouth brushes mine. I sit up and pull him closer to me. His hands slip up the back of my shirt. His warmth touches my back. I pull him forwards. He falls onto the bed. My hand slips under his shirt and onto his chest. He runs his hands through my hair. My hand moves upwards, higher and higher until his shirt slips over his head. 


I wake up the next morning. I look down at my body. I wear only underwear. I then remember last night. My clothes are on the floor next to me. I pick them up and slip them on. Harrison stands at the mirror, shaving. I get in the wheelchair and go up behind him and wrap my arms around him. He looks around and sees me. His lips brush my forehead. I smile. 

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