Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


7. Seven

We are let out. Us Dauntless charge towards the door, bulldozing anyone and everyone in our way.The peaceful Amity jump out of our way. I hear a  passing comment. "Dauntless the brave! More like Dauntless the rowdy!" We charge on towards the platform. I see some of the transferred from Erudite. They look bloody scared. Probably an illogical method of transportation!

We stand waiting for the trains. I hear the horns. The Dauntless are poised to get on. The others, how ever, are shitting themselves. The train rushes by. We run and grab hold of the railings and haul ourselves on. I see a Candor girl trying to get on. She has the rail, just not enough strength to pull herself up onto the train. I grab her jacket and pull her up onto the train. She falls and then gets herself up again. "Thanks!" She pants. 

"Any time!" I say, "I'm Dani!" She smiles at me cautiously. It's not exactly how you would expect a Dauntless to be. "I'm Nadia." 

"You're gonna have to change that or get teased for a non Dauntless name!" I turn round and see Bee-tee. "Bee-tee, short for Beatrice." Bee-tee is very outgoing and only she would tell someone their name isn't up to standards."How about Nat?" I suggest. Bee-tee nods. "Yeah that's cool!" Nat laughs and smiles at us.

"Associating with new kids eh Eaton?" I turn round and see Gemma Bell the bearded fatso staring down at me. "I'll listen to you Gemma," I  say "When you stop trying to look like Brian Blessed!" Bee-tee laughs. "Don't you..." Gemma threatens. She raises her fists. Nat has gone pale. Sierra runs over with Harry, Jo, Flo and Marla. 

"Break it up!" I turn and see Harrison, a 18 year old hunk who happens to be my best friend. "Harrison!" Gemma cries. She has a massive crush on Harrison. She twirls her hair. Harrison pushes her aside and wraps his arms round me. Over his shoulder I stick my tongue out at Gemma. "Are You OK," He says,"I heard about Clese!"

I nod and shrug. He kisses my forehead. To get one thing straight, we are NOT going out, just really god friends. "I'm training the Dauntless initiates!" He adds. I smile and we high-five.  "Thank god!" I say, "I thought he might be!" I gesture towards Clese's turned back. 

"Oh, he is as well!"  I sigh. Harrison laughs at my face, which is apparently quite humorous, but I don't feel it. I laugh along though, to be a good sport.


We enter the Dauntless compound. I hear gasps from the transferred. I see my parents walking along the pit and run forward to talk to them. Harrison holds me back. I see the sad look in my dad's eyes and struggle against Harrison. Mum waves. "Let me go!" I yell at Harrison, "Please!" I feel the tears coming. I  can't cry, not in front of Gemma.

"Clese!" Harrison says, "Take that lot off. I need to stay here with Dani." Clese does as he says. I fall to the ground and sob when they have left. Harrison crouches down next to me and touches my shoulder. "What's the matter Dani?" He says softly. I turn away. "You wouldn't understand!"

"How do you know?" 

"Because I do!"

"Dani, just tell me!"


"Because I care!" I sit in silence. Clese said that to me and he stabbed me. Does Harrison mean it? Of course he does, but how do I know for sure? For real? I can't truly trust anyone. Can I?

I don't tell him. I get up with him and we run to catch up with the others. "Having a little cry with your boyfriend?" Gemma sneers. Harrison gives her the most awesome death-stare ever. Clese hears her and comes over. He places his hand on my shoulder. "Actually, I'm her boyfriend!" He says. What a liar! He bends down and kisses me. It makes  me cringe but I know I have to go along with it. 

Clese leaves to show the transferred round and Harrison takes us to the dorm. He keeps his hand on my shoulder all the time. It is uncomfortable, but I let him. I feel safe. 

We arrive at the dorm and Sierra and I bags a bunk together. Bee-tee and Marla take the next, the next is taken by Flo and another girl called Bev and Harry and Jo take one near-by. We are left with a load of free time.

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