Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


4. Four

I get out of bed and find some clothes on the floor. I walk over to the bathroom, my footsteps thudding heavily on the wooden floor boards. I take a shower and then get into the clothes I picked up. I didn't see the clothes properly when I found them. I wear a long red dress and a black vest under. It's simple, but what I like. I like to defy the rules. No Dauntless wears red, however dark it is. My red is very dark, but still red, and still different. I smile. I return to my bed and pick up a leather jacket and slip it over my shoulders. It catches on my bandage and I remember last night. Then I remember aptitude tests and groan.

I cook myself a piece of toast as nobody else is awake. I lather butter onto it and take a large bite. I finish the toast and then go into a cupboard to find my military boots. My hands catch the laces and I yank them out. I check the time. 8:45. I have to be at the tests by 9:30. I will leave a note if I leave before anyone else wakes up. I slip the boots on and fasten the laces. 8:50. I grab my hair brush and smooth my  hair. I twist it up into a bun and then decide I would rather leave it down. My hair is long, very long. I grab the scissors and cut it shorter. 8:55. I grab a piece of paper and write;

mum and dad,

Gone to aptitude. Will come back when get results to tell u. Hope u r OK. Be back soon,

Dani x

I run out of the house to catch the train. I wait at the platform with a load of other Dauntless. I see Clese and look away. I hear the horn of the train and see the lanterns. The train comes past us. I run to catch up with it at reach out to catch the railings on the side of the carriage. Suddenly I fall, leaving one hand clutching the train, the other by my side. I feel somebody grab my arm and haul me up. I stand face to face with my savior, Clese. I turn away from him and see Christina. I go over to talk to her.

"Hey!" Christina says as I sit on the floor next to her. "You nervous?" I shrug my shoulders, "Yeah!" I say. I want to say "Completely and absolutely! I want to kill my self!" but decide that it is not a good choice of words. Christina smiles at me. "I like your dress!" She says through the silence that has come between us. I smile back at her.

"Dani! Hey Dani!" I look up. A tall slim girl with long black hair and thick makeup stands with three others that look similar to her. Like me they are covered in black ink and metal piercings. "Di!" I shout. Di offers me her hand and I take it. I almost fall out of the train, but one of the other girls, Sadie, catches me. We laugh at my clumsiness and go to the back of the carriage. I stand with my friends; Flo, Harry, Dirk, Marla, Sierra, Jo and Bee-tee

"Sierra," I say joining in with the rest of the conversation "You've died your hair!" Sierra smiles and winks at me and we all laugh. Her hair used to be mousy brown and is now blonde. It suits her, if it didn't who cares? All my friend are like me, different from the rest of the faction. We wear dark colors,yes, but not black, not black.

We are nearing our destination. We get ready by the doors. As the train draws near the path we jump off. I roll as I land to reduce the pain of the impact. The others follow behind me. I can see the Stiffs as they make their way to school. We shout insults at them as they walk past. My parents wouldn't approve but I don't care. We laugh at them and jeer and I know this is my home. I love the way we are. 


Bee-tee and I race to the Dauntless table. She just catches me out. We sit down and wait to be called up for aptitude tests. One by one the people sitting at the table leave. "Danielle Eaton!" A woman calls across the hall. "That's me!" I say getting up from the table. I stride over to the other end of the hall. I start to tremble with nerves. 

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