Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


8. Eight

Bee-tee, Sierra and I go to the tattoo parlor. We stand waiting for Bunty, the artist. Bunty comes out, followed by dad. "Oh my god!" I run into his arms. He keeps me there and I stay. He lets go of me, kisses my fore-head, and leaves.

"Tattoos then girls?" Bunty asks. She is tall, beautiful and blonde. We nod. "Who's up first?" I stick up my hand. "What d'ya want?" 

"The same as my dad!" I say. My back is bare, I have tattoos in all sorts of places but not my back. I have a tribute to mum, but not dad. Dad's tattoo is massive. It has the signs of all of the factions and decorations around them. I take off my shirt and lie on the bench. I undo my bra so my back is bear. Bunty adds the ink to my skin.

When she is done I get up and Sierra gets a tattoo of a skull and Bee-tee gets a tattoo of her name.Once everybody has a tattoo we leave the parlor and go clothes shopping. We enter one of the shops and search for the clothes we want. A load of transferred are in there to try and become more Dauntless. Bee-tee enjoys herself by telling "Bethany" and "Georgina" to change their names. I find a cool camo sweater and tight black leggings and a maroon cropped top and a black armor vest. We have to drag Bee-tee out because she's too busy name changing.


We enter our dorm and put all the shopping on our beds. "What time is it?" Bee-tee asks. Sierra glances down at her watch. "Ten minutes 'till training!" She says. We decide there is about enough time to get changed. I wear my new maroon cropped top and black leggings. Sierra looks at the time again. "Oh god!" She yells, "We have to be at training now!" We run out of the dorm to the training rooms. 

We rush into the rooms and get some strange stares. "Why so late ladies?" Harrison asks. We pant and try to get our breaths back. "We went out!" I say. He tells us to join the group.

"As I was saying," He continues, "We have combined the groups for the first training session. After this the transferred and Dauntless born will split up. Today we start on fighting and Bud has selected two Dauntless born to demonstrate!"

Bud is a tall and muscly Dauntless mentor. He steps up and calls out; "Gemma Bell and Dani , could you come up please!" I laugh. A chance to fight Gemma! I was pretty pleased with how Bud had to say Gemma's last name, but not mine. Shows I have friends and she doesn't. 

I walk past dad who is standing by the fight area. He strokes the new tattoo on my back and I turn round and smile at him. Harrison grabs my hand as I walk past him and slowly lets it go as we get further apart. Affection? or just a friendly gesture?  

Gemma and I stand face to face ready to attack. I crouch down and raise my fists. She does the same. We are both good fighters. I'd say an equal match. 

She lunges out to kick me and I block her with my forearm. Pain shoots up to my shoulder. The fight has begun. I throw a punch to test her reflexes. She blocks me. I try a couple more and she blocks them all. She aims her fist at my stomach and I kick her arm out of the way. She aims another kick at my head and I duck on the floor and roll out of the way. She kicks my body on the floor. Gemma has the first strike. I push myself up and slam my leg round the back of hers. She topples over. I stand over her and she lifts her leg to slam in-between mine but I stand on it. She pushes me of and grabs my arm. She straightens it out and forces me to lock it. I know whats coming next. I know how to break an arm. She slams her fist upwards against my arm and I hear the crack of the bones. There are screams. I scream, but I can't give in. Who cares about a broken arm? I try to attack her with my other arm but she shoves me to the floor. My leg is straight and I see exactly what she is going to do a millisecond before she does. I can't do anything now. 

Snap! The bones in my leg give in. More screams. I use my good arm to try and push myself off the ground. I must be stronger than she thinks I will be. Two broken limbs. I start to care. I stand on one leg and have on arm wrapped into me. What will surprise her? I pretend to stumble, she laughs and kicks my shin. The sin that belongs to my broken leg! I punch her face. She falls to the floor. My fist tightens. My fist hits her stomach. She curls up into a ball. "Not so strong now!" I pant. My fist makes contact with Gemma's face and she goes out cold. 

Bud comes up to us and lifts up Gemma. He leaves the room with her. I fall to the floor. Dad and Harrison rush up to me holding back all my friends who try to come to me. Harrison puts his arms under my body and lifts me up. "Where are you taking her?" Dad asks. 

"To my apartment, you can trust me!" He looks at Clese, who is standing alone, face impassive. Dad nods and Harrison takes me away.

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