Divergent's Daughter [completed]

Hey, My name is Dani Eaton. I am an outsider...
That means I don't belong.
What do you do when you are the daughter of the two most famous Divergent? Danielle has a lot to live up to and a lot to hide...
She has the added issues of death and family riding on her shoulders.


1. One

I push my covers away from me and find my torch on the floor. I hear the steady breathing of mum and dad as I slip past them. I gently shut the door behind me. I flick the switch on the torch and creep down the corridor. He's waiting there. "You came!" He says, wrapping his arms around me. I bury my head in his chest and he strokes my hair. "Let's go!" I say, lifting my head up. He nods in agreement and we leave the hallway. We walk along, our fingers intertwined. I hear voices. "Clese, get down!" I say grabbing his back and pushing him to the floor. Clese's real name is Heracles, but no-one calls him that. 

I watch the black boots of the guards pass me and wait with my hand on Clese's back. I breath out a sigh of relief and remove my hand. Clese pushes himself up and extends his hand. I reach out and grab it, kissing his fore-head. We walk on. His grip on my hand is tight, but I don't care, it reminds me he is there.  We arrive at the Pit and walk over to the railings. I climb over them and sit on the edge. Clese follows me. He puts his arm behind me. I rest my head on his shoulder and he kisses me. His lips rest on my forehead and I shut my eyes.

"Dani!" I turn around and see dad approaching. "Dani!" He says again, "What the hell are you doing?" I stand up gripping the railings. Clese gets up and leaps over the railings and runs. If my dad catches him... "What do you wanna know that for?" I say defiantly. He grabs my wrist and hauls me over to his side of the railings. I struggle, but he won't let go of me. "People die like that Dani!" He whispers in to my ear. "I'm not afraid of death!" I say as I knee his arm and punch him hard in the chest. He's afraid to hurt me, I can see it in his eyes. I smack him round the face with my fist and he falls down, not bothering to defend himself. I kick his chest repeatedly and then I see mum coming towards me. I run away from them, not knowing where I'll end up.

I look down at my fist. It's covered in blood. It's not my blood, it's dad's blood. I run until I have to stop. I've been running so long that I can hardly breath, I'm light headed and dizzy. I collapse on the floor, trying to get my breath back. My chest rises and falls heavily. I can't feel my legs. I am sweating. I feel like I'm about to die. Sick comes out of my mouth. It ends up in a puddle by my head. I shut my eyes and pass out hoping there is someone near by to find me

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