Blue waves

Ariel Greene has to go for hole summer to her cousins cottage far away from everything she has to spend her hole summer middle of no were how horrible that sound? but can summer be so boring when mystery boy surfs at the beach and has the amazing voice and spends his days at the beach alone and did i mention the guy is smoking hot.
(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)

(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)


1. surfer

The sun was shining bright and it was hot i had sat in this damn bus for hours now. i don't remember when i had been so pissed like i was now. My parents decided to kill my summerholiday and send me to my cousins cottage my cousin Mathew is thirty years old and is married and has one kid. how nice my summer was going to be? middle of no were. i doubt that here is nothing to do. "your stop miss." the buss driver said. i walked out and took my suitcase and watched the bus drive away i was standing at some dirt road there was no trees only hay i could imagine how easy this place could have wildfire cause it was so dry like in Sahara but further was sparkling sea. i saw old looking car coming closer. "Ariel!" Mathew smiled to me "nice that you came!" he said as i sat in the car. "you will have so much fun here!" he smiled. i just looked him. "Ariel c'moon don't be like that, your mum told me that you are bit grumpy about to spend summer here but i will promise it wont be so bad after all." he said. i just looked out of the window. we drove near to beach were was big beach house not fancy like it sounds but not so bad. little girl run out of the house and behind her was young looking woman Mathews wife Anne. "Ariel!" Anne smiled. "heyy!" Chrissa the little girl said. "hello." i smiled to the little girl.she looked maybe five or six years old. "this is your room."Anne said when we walked inside and i followed her to some room. it was little but not too little just perfect and didn't look so bad. "thanks." i said. "be like home here." she smiled. "you will have nice summer trust me." Anne said when she walked away to give me some time to get use to my new room. "daddy said that i can take you to the beach! c'moon take your swimsuit!" Chrissa said running to my room. "oh okay." i said. she left and i changed to my bikinis. "be carefull at the beach!" Anne yelled when i followed Chrissa to out. we walked bit of the sand path to the beach. i sat on the sand and Chrissa started  to play with sand. "i will be right back." i said. i had to go swim little i was feeling so hot and the sun was shining like in hell. i felt the cold water hit my body and felt much better i walked back to Chrissa who was making sand castle. "help me." she said. "okay." i smiled. i'm seventeen and i'm just making sand castles with Five year old. okay. this isn't so bad but i will be dead if i have to play hole summer with some little kid. i saw further someone walking to the water with surfboard.i stopped my actions and watched the boy climbing to the board and starting to surf like master. "he is Cody." Chrissa said noticing why i stopped making our sand castle. "oh." i said.  "he is our neighbors niece." Chrissa said. "Okay." i said. the boy just surfed over and over again  how did he got the energy just to get on the board all over again he looked really enjoy it. i didn't see him clear he was so far away. "lets get back." i said. and we walked back to beach house. we ate dinner. "we saw Cody at the beach." Chrissa said as we were eating. "oh nice. he is Martha's Niece. lovely boy. i think he is same old with you.. how old are you?" Anne asked. "i'm seventeen." i said. "yeah you are same age." Anne said. "you two could be friends." Anne said. "i will ask them over tommorow at the dinner we are grilling tomorrow with friends it would be nice you to have company of your own age." Anne said. "you don't have to." i said. i was shy when it came to boys. "sure,don't be silly." Mathew said. "okay." i said awkwardly. i went to my room it was time to get to bed i noticed something. my  wristlet , it was gone. i must left it on the beach when we were making sand castles. " i left my wristlet to the beach!" i said to the Anne. "you will find it tomorrow. "can i please go look it now. its really important to me." i said. my friend gave it to me when she moved far away. "sure honey." Anne said. "thanks. i will be soon back." i said. and run out the door. it walked down the path at the twilight. i saw our sand castles  i run to them and looked my brace let. i sat next to them when  i didn't found anything. i was sad and pissed. "excuse me." i heard male voice in front of me. the boy from earlier. my heart skipped the beat when i saw him closer he was perfect and total model he was wearing only swim trucks and other hand he was holding surfboard. "yeah." i said and stood up. i couldn't not notice his amazing body and muscles. "are you maybe looking for this?" he asked holding my wristlet. "oh. thanks so much i though waves took it." i said. he gave it to me smiling warmly. "i'm Cody."he said. one word P.E.R.F.E.C.T he was perfect. "i'm Ariel, thanks again." i said. "no prob." he said. "do you live here? i don't remember seeing you around?" he asked. "uh. i just arrived today Mathew is my cousin so..." i said. "oh cool." he said. "how long are you staying. "hole summer. " i said. "same."he smiled little so this meant that i would see him the  hole summer. "well,it was nice to meet you,but i better head back." i said. "oh sure. see you." he smiled and we walked to different directions and that night i dreamed about Cody surfing fearless on the big wawes. 

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