Blue waves

Ariel Greene has to go for hole summer to her cousins cottage far away from everything she has to spend her hole summer middle of no were how horrible that sound? but can summer be so boring when mystery boy surfs at the beach and has the amazing voice and spends his days at the beach alone and did i mention the guy is smoking hot.
(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)

(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)


4. New chapter

I lied on the warm sand and watched Cody surfing and he smiled to me.this boy amazing. I had forgotten Nate and Susan its been two weeks when i last saw them and i really didn't care. Cody walked of the water holding his surfboard he set his board to the sand next to me and looked me with evil grin."whaatt?" I smiled. Few cold water drops hitted my body Cody stood in front of me. I couldnt do anything when he lifted me over his soulder and carried me to the water i kicked and shouted like little kid but Cody didnt stop he just laugh. The cold water hit my body and i let little scream but soon got used to it. I narrowed my eyes to him and looked him he was next to me on the water. I tried to look look like i was mad to him but he smiled to me inocently and i couldnt hold my serious face abd smiled."ugh!" I said and blased water to him.he hold my hands so i couldnt blash him with the water and smirked. "Stop smirking or." I said. "Or what?" He said with that sexy australian acent..wait what? Why was i thinking suddnle about Cody like this? Did i like him? "What are you thinking?"he asked.i looked him. "You." I said."what about me he smirked." He asked smile growing on his face."how dumb you are." I said with baby voice and tried to blash him with the water but it kinda failed cause Cody was holdin my hands. I tried to escape but it ended awkwardly i was so close to hi my shouder was against his hard chest and about that i noticed for the thousand time his abs and that sixpack. He noticed my staring and smirked and i blushed and looked the water. I looked up to him in his eyes "let me go." I said but not meaning it at all i really liked this. And i can say that the way i said to 'let me go' didnt soud that i really wanted him to let me go,it failed.he looked me back and smiled little "Never." And bite his lip.well well. Can someone tell me why i was looking his lips? I tried to look away but my eyes didnt move they stayed there staring those pink lips of his and i felt the need to kiss them,to feel them against me.gosh i was going crazy. If i dont kiss him right now i think my heart is going to brust out of my chest. He leaned closer his eyes on mine lips.

---CODYS POW-----

Ariel in my arms,was i lucky? I was god damn lucky! I had feelings towards her since the first day i saw her and my feelings towards her grew second by second everytime when i was with her. Ariel leaned little closer to my face and then i felt those sweet lips of hers against mine, when our lips met each others it was like both of us had wated this. I couldnt stop and i even didnt want. When we pulled away she was smiling to me sweetly and playing with my hair.i touched my lips still bit socked about that kiss. "Everything okay cody?" She asked sweetly the way she said my name made me feel so weak like she could control me onl with er sweet voice."i havent ever been better." I wishpered lookinh into her brown eyes.she smiled.i leaned closer to her face wanting to kiss her again.she blushed bit when she noticed i looking her lips and leaned closer to my face that our noces were touching i kissed her hard not wantin this never end she sat on my lap and gently run her hands through my hair and smiling against the kiss when my tongue slipped in her mouth butterflies in my stomach were killing me my hands were on her waist and my tongue dancing with hers.i pulled slowly away and she had her eyes closen and she smiled little and opened her eyes and looking me. I kissed her cheek and she smiled i loved the way she smiled to me.she was like angel. And this felt like dream but this was real.

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