Blue waves

Ariel Greene has to go for hole summer to her cousins cottage far away from everything she has to spend her hole summer middle of no were how horrible that sound? but can summer be so boring when mystery boy surfs at the beach and has the amazing voice and spends his days at the beach alone and did i mention the guy is smoking hot.
(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)

(Cody Simpson isn't famous in this story)


2. Day at the beach

I sat on the beach with Cody we choose to sneak out from the BBQ and come to beach you can say we were friends now it was two a clock and Cody was surfing and i watched him and he was smiling to me. I heard noise behind me,noise what belong to other teens.. I looked around and saw two girls and two boys they all were carrying surfboards. "AYE! Cody!" One of them yelled and cody swim with his board back to the beach he left his board to the sand and run to them."Cristian!" He yelled and did bro hug thing with the boys. "Dont we get hugs?" One of the girls said and right there for a second i knew that i'm not going to like her.."susan!" Cody smiled and hugged her. "Amanda!" Coday said and hugged the other girl. "So whats up?" Chritian asked. "Oh guys i want you to mee Ariel." Cody said.why cody? I was fine being invisible! "Hows the hot chick?" Other boy asked. "Nate behave.." Cody said. "Ariel c'moon." Cody said to me. Slowly i stood up and walked to them i got bit unfriendly glare from the Susan surprise surprise! Others were smiling to me. "Hey." I said shyly. "Hi."Christian said and shook my hand "i'm Christian." The boy with messy dirty blond hair and green eyes said he was taned skin and had amazing body they all had. "Nathan,call me nate." Boy with light brown curls and brown eyes said,that guy was totally checking me out."i'm Amanda." Beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes said smiling to me friendly and shook my hand too. And there we have mis bratty. She looked my hand with "you really think im gonna shake that." Look on her face. "I'm susan she said rolling her eyes. Others just rolled theirs eyes to her."now lets get to the water!" Nate said and they run to the water. "Dont worry about Susan,she is grumpy to all new people."Cody said when we walked to the water. Cody took his board and i was standing awkwardly at the water and others were surfing. "Oh why dont you surf?" Susan asked raising her eye brow." I dont know how to." I said. She started laughing "what is so funny?" I asked. "Everyone know how to surf." She said. "Im from city we dont surf there.." I said.i really didnt like talking with her." So city girl.. I see you seemed bit out of this world..have you ever seen beach before or water? I quess you have noticed here isnt shops?" She started picking me. I rolled my eyes. "Im from city not from other planet for gods sake,like its big deal that i cant surf get over it." I said to her looking her with pissed face. "Susan dont be mean." Nate said to her,finally someone said something. "Im not." Susan said.i raised my eye brows. "Whats going on?" Cody said while he came on top of his board closer us. "Susan being bitchy to Ariel." Christian said. Susan looked Christian with anger. "Tell me something new." Cody breathed so only i and nate could hear Nate started laugh and i smiled bit so Susan wasnt so liked. "Just saying that bratty girl cant surf." Susan said. "Oh come on!" Nate said to her. "She dosnt belong in to group if she cant surf." She said. Can someone make that bitch shut up. "Since when you are saying who belong in group and who doesn't." Nate said. "Susan let it be." Amanda said. "What ever but whanr are you doing here if you arent surfing." She said. "Well we can fix that." Cody said smiling to me. Susan looked cody like she missed something. "C'moon i will teach you how to surf." Cody said offering his hand to me. Susan was red with the anger did she like Cody or something. "Im scared!" I said when i was on the board trying to stood up "dont be." Cody said he was behind me and his hands were holding me by my waist so i stayed up. Susan was looking with so much anger and others were just surfing and smiling to us. "You see its easy." Cody said. We jumped to the water and swim back to the beach were others were waiting us. "we have to go." Nate and Christian said. "i better head home too." Amanda said. "it was nice to meet you Ariel." Amanda smiled to me. "bye guys!" They said and walked away Susan didn't say anything she said only bye to Cody and gave me deathly look. "I think i'm going too." i said. "okay, me too." cody said and we stood up. "thanks i had fun." i said. "me too. bye Ariel." Cody said smiling to me and we made our ways to our houses. "you had fun day?" Mathew asked. "yeah." i said. "see i said its not so bad here." Mathew said. "yeah yeah." i smiled. i ate littlebit something and went to my room to sleep i was tired i was the hole day on the beach with cody and others.

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