Better than words

Haylee moves to California all the way from Wisconsin. That means she has to go to a new school.


2. new school

Haylees pov

I wake up to some buzzing noise realizing that it was just my alarm clock. Today was my first day of my new school. I'm not really excited for my first day of school, mainly because I miss my best friend Emma, from Wisconsin. :( I slowly get out of bed with my eyes halfway open because of how tired I was. I had stayed up very late last night, unpacking all my things. And I still wasn't done packing. But once I got out of my bed I walked my self to my bathroom in my room and got undressed and got into the shower. I washed shampoo into my soft,long,brown hair. Once I washed out my shampoo I put in my conditioner and while I let it sit in my hair I washed my body and my face. When I was done I rinsed out my conditioner and turned of the shower. I grabbed my towel and dried off. Once I was dry I rapped the towel around my naked body. I then grabbed a brush and brushed my hair. After that I went to go do my makeup. I applied my mascara,concieler,eye shadow,and lipstick very quickly. I then finally got to my closet and couldn't decide what to wear! I wanted to make a good impression. But I had no idea what these kids were like at my new school. It was a hot day so I decided to go with some baby blue booty shorts and a plain black tank top with a little design on the top. My shoes were vans and my hair was curled. When I was finally ready I grabbed my backpack and started walking to school. When I got to the school all these guys were staring at me. I felt very awkward. All the girls were staring at me but they were giving me dirty looks. I felt even more awkward. I started walking to the schools office when out of no where I felt a hand grab my butt. I looked back and it was a curly haired boy. He was kinda cute but it was very awkward. When I turned around he told me I had a nice butt and that his name was Harry. I walked away because I was really shy and embarrassed by all the guys and girls I could hear laughing at him when he grabbed my butt. When I finally got to the office I told them who I was and they gave me a schuduel of my classes. My first class was math.! My teacher's name was Mr. Solis. And my class number was b-4. I started to look for the class number b-4 when a blonde boy came up from behind me and asked if I needed help getting somewhere. I told him where I needed to go and he had a really big smile on his face then said that's the same class he has. We walked to the class together and he told me that his name was niall. I thought niall was really cute and nice but obviously I had no chance with him. When we got to the class naill wanted to sit next to me but there was no seats open where he sat. The teacher gave me a spot and introduced me to the class. When I got seated someone threw a note at me. I picked it up and read it. It said "your really cute.." I turned around and a boy with really nice hair smiled at me. I passed him a note back that said " thx your not bad your self ;) when I passed it back to him I heard a voice call my name and say haylee! I turned to the front and saw that it was my teacher mr. Solis. He grabbed the note from the boy and handed It back to me and said.. So your gonna pass notes on your first day of school.? I would like you to go up to the front of class and read this from the beginning. I took a deep breath and went to the front of the class. I unfolded the note and hesitated to read what it said.'re kinda..cuu..cute. Thx.. You.. You're noo. Noo.. Not bad .. Your .. See..self ! Together it would of sounded like this " you kinda cute... Thx your not bad yourself. The whole class started to burst out with laughter and stare at me and the boy that she passed the note to. The only one that wasn't laughing was niall. He kinda looked a little sad. Class was now over and it was time for second period. Second period was p.e, an her teachers name a Mr. Vera. As I headed to the gym I felt a hand grab me trying to stop me from walking any further. I turned around and saw that it was the boy that past me a note in class. Before I could say anything he told me his name was zayn. I told him my name was haylee.He then apologized for getting me introuble. I said it was okay. He then asked me which period I had next and then I said p.e. He said he had the same class so we walked together. Once we got there it turned out I had that one boy Harry in this period. My teacher, mr. Vera told us that we had to go outside and run the field. Once I started running i felt someone come from behind me and grab me. I then realized it was Harry. He grabbed me and kissed my lips. I pulled away as fast as I could and I looked at him and then ran away as fast as I could. He tried to chase after me but I was already done running the lap before he caught up with me. P.e was now over.

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