I've Changed

It's Been Like This. It always was and will always be like this. A broken insecure girl that doesn't know how to love because after losing her dad from battling in Iraq, everybody that she loved started walking out of her life. Till she met Louis Tomlinson. He taught her how to love. He did. Could she believe love? Would she ever know how to love? Till that one day. But will she be a broken doll again after all it had been this way.


3. *Today Will Be Different*

I've been a broken girl that lost everyone and everything. Of course I still have my mom but she's never EVER there for me. Shes like a robot now, never talks and doesn't have any emotions on her face and that's not helping me at all after my dad being past away. I've been that girl that everyone judges because of the way I look after the whole pasting away dad thing. I come to his cemetery thing every week, he was an amazing dad. He was the dad that you could never ask for. He would take me out to eat ice cream when I was little, he would also take me to the park and everything. He was absolutely the best. That's why I'm so broken now, I can't trust anyone because in the end they always leave. Today will be different. Today will be the day that when people look I'll give something for them to look for. Today is the day that I'm letting go and moving on. Today will be different.

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