I've Changed

It's Been Like This. It always was and will always be like this. A broken insecure girl that doesn't know how to love because after losing her dad from battling in Iraq, everybody that she loved started walking out of her life. Till she met Louis Tomlinson. He taught her how to love. He did. Could she believe love? Would she ever know how to love? Till that one day. But will she be a broken doll again after all it had been this way.


11. *Morning After*

Victorias P.O.V.

Omg what the fuck happened. I thought to myself half awake. As I look over at what happened last night. "OMG. OMG. WTF? OMFG. " I whispered yelled. We're inside this room and in this couch. And and. Just OMG. I think we broke it. (😑😑😑😂😂😂). The only thing that was worse was I'm naked laying awfully close to someone. We have a sheet over us so I'm grateful for that. "WTF? LOUIS TOMLINSON?!" I whispered yelled again panicking. Our clothes were thrown everywhere. Relax. Relax. Just relax. But seriously? I don't even remember last night. Oh oh. Nope never mind. I do. Well hot damn. That was very wow. All I gotta say is that I'm sore AF. What the fuck do I do now?

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