what happens when Kaytlen runs away from her abusive father and bumps into the band she doesn't even know about and they help her out.


10. telling louis

                                                                        Kaytlen's pov

ok so today is my birthday I have to tell Louis about Niall and I but we thought it would be easier if I told him by myself which I am now kinda regretting, as we go  down to get my birthday breakfast (pancakes and waffles) I yell to Louis "yo dad come up here for a minute" I yell from the top of the stairs "fiiiinnnnneeee" he yells back as he gets to the top of the stairs and start shaking and out it comes "wha-----" "NIALL AND I ARE GOING OUT!!" I yell and the look on Louis face is about to bring me to tears, happy tears "why are you smiling" I ask because I am really confused at this point, "Niall is a great choice Kaytlen, as long as you are happy, I am happy, you two are so alike aswell, I love you" he says as he embraces me in a hug then all the boy run up stairs and hug me too, so much hugging in one morning, "Niall you were right he couldn't ruin my birthday" I whisper to him



                                                                      Louis' pov

so Niall and Kaytlen are a thing now, yeah it is a bit weird having one of my best friends and my 'daughter' being all lovey dovey around me, but I am happy for them I really am, I actually couldn't imagine her with anyone else.












Heyyyy everyone, guess who's back, back, back, Zara's back, back, back, with another, chapter, chapter, chapter


haha hey guys hope you liked this chapter I certainly loved writing it haha


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