what happens when Kaytlen runs away from her abusive father and bumps into the band she doesn't even know about and they help her out.


4. something about her

                                                       Niall's pov

"Let's go to the park, I need to try out my new skateboard" Kaytlen said

"yeah sounds good" said Louis Kaytlen went upstairs to get dressed and when she came down stairs she was wearing waist high studded black shorts and a kiss crop top she looks so beautiful, no Niall u are not allowed to fall for her she is your best mates DAUGHTER for goodness sakes I thought to myself as I mentally face palmed myself.


                                                       Kaytlen's pov

I walk down the stairs and I see Niall staring at me with his gorgeous christal blue eyes' I started drifting off to dream land, no Kaytlen u are not allowed to fall for him he is your new dad's best mate for goodness sakes' I said to myself pulling me out of dreamland as I mentally face palmed myself, but that is when I realised we were both staring at each other and it looked like he was in deep thought, and then Lou snapped both of us out of our trances by grabbing our wrists and dragging us outside.


                                                  Louis's pov

I am really worried that Niall is falling for Kytlen I will have to get Liam to talk to him, I would do it myself but he will tell Liam more than me


Kaytlen's pov

as soon as we get to the park I start riding my skateboard I try to look like I don't have a care in the world but the hole time all I could think about was Niall.


hey guys hope you liked the chapter .

I am having a comp for some characters these are the choices

Zayn's GF

Louis's GF

Liam's GF

Harry's GF

(Niall is mine sorry)

Kaytlen's BFF

 just leave your name, age, hair colour,eye colour and personality and what u want to be (obviously)


well that's it for now


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