You Cant Love Me..


2. He did It Again..

Teegans POV.


It was 2am when I was awoken by the sounds of screaming and yelling like ever other night.

"You bitch! How could you sleep with another man!" My dad yelled.

"Don't even start that! You go up there and rape your daughter!" My momscreamed.

"Get out, leave and never come back! You slut!" My dad yelled.

My whole world came crashing down once again. I heard the front door slam indicating my mom had left, left me, and she didn't even try to stay..

   I sat there on my bed just crying my eyes then  loud footsteps trailed up the stairs, scared I hurried and threw the covers over myself trying to control my sniffles. My door swung open and I knew it was gonna be torture like every other time.

   My dad came to the edge of my bed, I tensed up as he started to stroke my body.

    "I know you're awake Teegan, don't try to hide from me slut!" My dad quietly yelled.

    "Please dad! Please not tonight its already almost 3am and school is in a couple hours" I said crying harder than ever.

    "Shut the fuck up little whore, I don't care." My dad screamed.

My father yanked the covers off of my body.

    "DAD NO PLEASE DONT DO THIS PLEASE" I screamed through my tears but he ripped off my shirt and shorts..

    "You deserve this Teegan you've been a horrible daughter, you're such a whore" My daf said laughing.

  I squirmed under him but that didn't do any good he just got more angry and ripped my panties off. Knowing nothing was gonna stop it I just lay there waiting for this horrible man I have to call father to get off of me. But then he hit me hard.. Before everything went black I silently whispered "why me?"



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