We're the 'It' factor here in Bradford..
Only because we used to be the Good girls around here..
Then we got pushed around so we stepped up our game..
dyed our hair, wore make up and it gets better..
our attitude..

But one night when we went clubbing 5 new guys arrived in town and one caught our eye..
the famous Zayn Badboy Malik.. the talk of the town and there is no way his group going to take our place..


3. Chapter Three

Olivia POV.

Zayn Malik the bad boy before us is back. He is the dick of Brad ford. And I've heard were Mia's bitches. Zayn is such a neanderthal. This is our fucking town. Not his! Louis I have to admit was hot. And I know that I wasn't the only one who thinks Zayn's assholes are hot. Mia is forcing us to call them assholes. But they are assholes. This out town. Zayn left. We took over and we are better than he was. We're bradfords bad girls.

I was still pissed about Zayn pushing down Mia. I was to busy being pissed to speak. I was really pissed. They are stealing our spot. I know Louis is forced into this. Well I hope he is.

Louis POV.

Olivia she was sexy. A sexy bitch I have to.admit. But I know Zayn probably ruined my chances with her. Fuck him! God he can be so self centered. I knew that I'd get myself in this if I joined his gang. I'd fall in love. But then be pulled away cause of him.

Mia was very interesting. She is making her life complicated. I know it is. Brad Ford bad boys are here. And Mia gets butthurt! But then we have Olivia Gomez. The perfect one. Who is a good friend and doesn't give a shit about what is.happening. That's the kinda girl's I like.

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