We're the 'It' factor here in Bradford..
Only because we used to be the Good girls around here..
Then we got pushed around so we stepped up our game..
dyed our hair, wore make up and it gets better..
our attitude..

But one night when we went clubbing 5 new guys arrived in town and one caught our eye..
the famous Zayn Badboy Malik.. the talk of the town and there is no way his group going to take our place..


6. Chapter Six

Mia's POV:

*Earlier that day*

His words wrapped around my mind

"I think I love you Mia"

He cannot fall for me!

He's not made for me, no one is.

My phone started ringing bringing me out of my thoughts

"Hey Mia" I heard Miranda while sniffling and coughing, I forgot she was sick

"Hey whatcha need?" I asked blandly

"Can you come home?" She said coughing again

"Umm yeah, I'll be there in 20" I said and she agreed and hung up


I walked to my Mustang and hopped in and drove off with Taylor Henderson blasting through the speakers

As I turned down my street, I saw an unfamiliar car parked in our driveway, I sped up and drove into the driveway and ran up to the door to see Liam I think it was groping Miranda, that faggot I ran up to him

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" I yelled and pushed him to the wall and kicked and punched him in the balls and Miranda shoved him out the door.

I started coughing and I felt a wet thick substance on my hand and saw it was blood

"Mia what does it mean when you cough blood?" Miranda asked and I didn’t reply because I passed out..


Zayn's POV:

*Next Day*

I walked into school and I didn’t see Mia or any of her 'Bitches' .weird.

I saw Louis and asked him if he had seen her

"Nah man, word is she's in hospital" He said blandly

"What?" It came out more of a whisper

"Ma she's in the hospital that’s why the others aren't here" He said giving me a pat on the back and walking off.

I got to go visit her.


*20 Minutes Later*

"Hello Sir, how may I help you?" The office lady asked

"Hey, I'd like to See Mia.." I said

"Ahh you must be Zayn, her friends have been expecting you, just head up to the second floor and it's the first door on the right" She said with a smile

I nodded and walked up, when I got there I saw the girls, they ran up to me explaining what happened

"Look we understand we are rival gangs but we know you feel something for her even if you don’t realise it" The red head said

"And how would you know that?" I said crossing my arms

"Because when she walks into the room your eyes light up and you actually smile" The other one said

I do?

"Can I see her" I asked changing the subject

"Yeah go ahead"

I opened the door and I saw her and my heart fluttered and my stomach did flips.. is that normal?


I took a spot beside her, and held her hand and I didn’t let go..

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