We're the 'It' factor here in Bradford..
Only because we used to be the Good girls around here..
Then we got pushed around so we stepped up our game..
dyed our hair, wore make up and it gets better..
our attitude..

But one night when we went clubbing 5 new guys arrived in town and one caught our eye..
the famous Zayn Badboy Malik.. the talk of the town and there is no way his group going to take our place..


1. Chapter One

Mia's POV:
We were pushed around for so long, just because we were the richest kids in Bradford, yeah I know what you're thinking..
Rich people live there..?
Yes there's a few of us
Just because we're rich doesn't mean we're snobby and bitchy actually far from it..
One day we were sick of being pushed around and gathered at the park and discussed what we needed to change and when we did we got to work..
I dyed my hair green and funnily enough it suits me, our attitudes were way past bitchy we were bad girls..
After a while people became scared of us and we became the gossip of the town and well when we were old enough to move out at the age 16 we all moved in with each other and a year later here we are walking into the best club in Bradford all though we aren't old enough sleeping with the doorman has its perks..
Walking in everyone was grinding on whoever they can find, they were sweaty and hot
"Let's go to the bar" I yelled over the music to the others
"All right" they chorused together, we made our way to the bar asking for the strongest thing there and started gossiping.
"Oi Mia!?" Tiffany yelled over the music
"Yea what's up!?"
"Is that Zayn Malik?" She said sounding scared
I turned around and fuck it is, you see he was the biggest bad boy here but then he got sent away and I see he's returned with four other boys
"What's you name love" I jumped and saw it was the devil himself
"Mia" I said confidently
"Mia, ahh I've heard about you and your little bitches" He said smirking
"Oh have you now, well keep in mind we don't need you and your assholes here, we run this town" I said getting sassy
"Well darling.. I'm back and there is nothing you can do" He said getting angry
"Well sweetheart, get the fuck outta my face" He looked a bit taken back and turned his body towards the dance floor and turned back
"Well Mia your bitches are dancing with my so called asshole mind if you tell them to fuck off?"
"Gladly" I slammed my drink down and grabbed the girls and walked out the doors and went home, this is going to kill us slowly along with our reputation we've tried to build for the past year.
There is no fucking way that is going to happen because of them Bradford Bad Boys..

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