We're the 'It' factor here in Bradford..
Only because we used to be the Good girls around here..
Then we got pushed around so we stepped up our game..
dyed our hair, wore make up and it gets better..
our attitude..

But one night when we went clubbing 5 new guys arrived in town and one caught our eye..
the famous Zayn Badboy Malik.. the talk of the town and there is no way his group going to take our place..


5. Chapter Five

Miranda POV:


Today I felt sick and I decided to stay home and I'm glad I did to I'm really sick. I'm just sitting here alone I called Mia. she said she was coming in like 20 min so I have time to kill I was just watching family guy when the doorbell rang and I went to go answer it and it shocked me.


"What the hell are you doing here." I looked at Liam who the hell does he think he is I know I tried to put out at first but still I didn't know who he was. And how the hell does he know where I live.


"Who told you were I live." All he did was smirk and then he pushed me back into my house. after he closed the door I punched him and he laughed." Well Fuck me." I heard my self say.


"Gladly." He said and tried to get me but I tried to run away. " Come here Slut." I didn't want him I don't think I will ever want him.


then you hear my door bell ring and my door open." What the hell are you doing" Mia yelled thank god. she punched him and kicked him in the balls then she shoved him out of my door I started coughing and I looked at my hand. there was blood on it. I have to be strong.


"Mia what does it mean if you are coughing up blood." she was looked at me like I was crazy then I showed her my hand. and she went to the kitchen and called someone but I don't know what for.

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