You My Love

Asia soon learns life is so bitter sweet when her 10 year old sister dies before her eyes of cancer, but magcon is there for her by the request of Asia's little sister, Maddy's death wish was for them to care for her, but will Asia fall hard for one of the boys? Will they catch her?


1. one

As I waited in line to get some stupid poster signed by these Magcon boys I scrolled through my Instagram, I waited until all the girls were done crying over the boys and looked to see it was finally (after 2 hours) my turn, of course knowing my luck I was last, I reached the front and put down the poster of boys, "I need this sighted" I said in a flat tone

"No pictures?" Asked a boy with a tag that said "hayes"

"No" I replied "just Hurry" I replied

"What's the rush?" Asked hayes

"It's not for me it's for my sister" I replied trying not to choke on the words.

"Well where is she?" Asked an Asian boy name Carter

"In the hospital" I said with a straight face

"Why?" Asked who I'm guessing was Taylor

"She has cancer" I said," just sign the poster so I can give it to her" I said trying not to cry

"What hospital?Evan Engelical...?" J

"Yes" my voice cracked

They didn't say anymore and signed the poster with a side note, I stared at the floor, my sister Maddy has had cancer since she was 8, we were best friends and we still are, I spend all my free time at the hospital and I hang out with all the little kids, all she talked about was magcon and I needed to make her happy, the doctor said she didn't have much time, so I spent one month tracking these losers down to get some signatures...I had a poster thrusted into my chest and I quickly snapped out of my thoughts

"Here" a boy named jack g said

"Whatever" I replied and walked out of the empty mall. I hopped into my 2014 silver Honda and drove to the hospital, I didn't even have to check in anymore, just grab a face mask and walk to the children's section, I parked my car and saw a black van park next to me, I didn't think much of it until boys started jumping out, oh god...did magcon really follow me? I laughed and grabbed the poster, as I walked up to the desk the lady frowned at all the boys, I handed them each a mask, and led them to the children's section, I opened the door to see all the kids were probably outside except for my sister, I walked up to her and hugged her. She smiled at me, she had no hair was was amazingly beautiful, I handed her the poster but all she could focus on was te door, I looked over and completely forgot the boys were there, "oh yeah guess who came baby girl?l I said

"Wow" she breathed "is it really?" She asked

"Yep"the boys said together

"Can I talk to them alone sissy?" She asked

"I guess" I said worried, and with that I left the room

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