You My Love

Asia soon learns life is so bitter sweet when her 10 year old sister dies before her eyes of cancer, but magcon is there for her by the request of Asia's little sister, Maddy's death wish was for them to care for her, but will Asia fall hard for one of the boys? Will they catch her?


7. 6

Hayes pov//

"Be mine" I asked

"Absolutely!" She smirked,and I pulled her into a hug, her face molded right into the crook of my neck like it was made for me, I couldn't help but feel a pang of was my age,and nash was like...3 years older than her so I obviously had the advantage here...but I did know my brother likes her.....ohhhh weeeeelllll

We walked back into the room like..10 minutes later...we kind of had a heated make out session so....ya know...she was beautiful! The way she would wear a bandanna to match her outfit,how her eyes were dark brown,but when she went in the sun they turned 5 shades lighter! I think I'm in love with her,she isn't a fan so it's okay!

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