You My Love

Asia soon learns life is so bitter sweet when her 10 year old sister dies before her eyes of cancer, but magcon is there for her by the request of Asia's little sister, Maddy's death wish was for them to care for her, but will Asia fall hard for one of the boys? Will they catch her?


6. 5

Asia's pov//

"I need to tell you something" Hayes had said to me

"Okay? What is it?" I asked getting worried

Omg what if they say I can't go on your with them and live my life as a semi happy teenager,and I have to live in a box under a bridge and I have to sit outside a store And beg for money which I'm pretty sure is illegal to some extent! Then when I go hungry people will finally take potty on me and throw sandwiches at me and...okay no this won't happen but something very similar could happen!!

"I think I like you" Hayes said seriously

"Hahahaha very funny!" I replied, does he really think I'm gonna fall for this one?

"I'm serious.." He replied with a bit of a quiver to his voice

"And to test my hypothesis I wanted to kiss you if you would let me do so"

I didn't give him time to process what was going on before I crashed my lips to his,this lasted about...I don't know actually I lost track of time...

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