You My Love

Asia soon learns life is so bitter sweet when her 10 year old sister dies before her eyes of cancer, but magcon is there for her by the request of Asia's little sister, Maddy's death wish was for them to care for her, but will Asia fall hard for one of the boys? Will they catch her?


5. 4

Hayes's pov//

I pulled Asia away from the crowd and into the hallway,I couldn't take this anymore! What do you expect,she's my age,a tad bit shorter than me,beautiful,and she has a heart...I think I'm in love...and the only way to find out was by kissing her...I have to admit im nervous as hell! To be honest I have always been self nose,was just...ew,

My face was...well it was a face, my I like my eyes,it's about the only thing i like about me..

As Asia slowly follows me into the chilled hallway i take her down a couple of random stairs make a left go straight then i made a right and we ended up in a little dimly lit hallway

"Asia i need to tell you something..."

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