You My Love

Asia soon learns life is so bitter sweet when her 10 year old sister dies before her eyes of cancer, but magcon is there for her by the request of Asia's little sister, Maddy's death wish was for them to care for her, but will Asia fall hard for one of the boys? Will they catch her?


4. 3

Asia's pov//

No no whole life burned to the ground, she just left!! Left me like it was okay? No it was not okay, I picked up her lifeless body and placed her on the hospital bed,I kissed her forehead and prayed she would some how just wake up...for me...why did I have to me punished? I broke down in tears...I knew it wouldn't bring her back,but a girl can dream,right? I stared at her beautiful face,remembering when I would alway pick I her for being bald...I'm a bitch I know, but I told her I didn't mean it about 5 years ago when I grew up and matured, after I understood why my baby sister was bald I started calling her my princess,which seemed to boost her confidence, before I knew it I was pathetically sobbing and calling her name. I felt hands on my shoulder and flinched at the new feeling. Never ever have I felt the love of other people besides my little sister,I was a loser.never had friends...I could have cared less...all I wanted now was my baby girl back...I hate life..that's all I have to say

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