My life sucks. I live alone because my parents died In a car car crash when I was four. I get teased and bullied at school for "sleeping around" witch I don't do.

I was innocent until he came around


3. them...

Alynn's POV

I walk up to the school and head to the doors. As soon as I walk in people stop their conversations and look at me with dirty looks. I just ignore them and go to my locker. Just when I pull out my books for my first 4 classes my locker slams shut. I jump from the bang. I look up only to see the schools bad boys. Luke,Ashton,Calum, and Michael. They were all covered in tattoos that covered that covered their arms. Luke only had 1 lip piercing, while the others had them everywhere.

"Hello lovely" said Luke with a dirty smirk on his face.

"Ugh get away from me you pig" I spat back at him. I went to turn away and walk to my class,but before I could his grab my arm tightly and spun me around to him.

"Tisk tisk" he said. "Not so fast lovely"

"What do you want?!?"

"You, but I'm saving that for later" and with that he just walk away with his "gang" and left me wondering...

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