My life sucks. I live alone because my parents died In a car car crash when I was four. I get teased and bullied at school for "sleeping around" witch I don't do.

I was innocent until he came around


4. party

Alynn's POV

Finally school is over! I think to myself. I head out of the front doors and just when I do the bitch squad come up to me with smirks on their perfect faces. "Hey Alynn!" Lux, the head bitch, said perky. "Ugh what do you want?" I asked in a tried and frustrated way. "You heard of the party tonight right?"

"No why" I say with a sigh at the end.

"Cuz everyone is going to be there and we are inviting you!"

"Why? You are never nice to me."

"Well I'm making a change"

Something about this doesn't seem right. My thoughts were cut off by Lux saying "come by if you can!" She flips her blond,long, straight hair and left with her "friends" leaving behind her, swaying their hips. I'm not sure if I'm going to go. I start to walk off again, but I'm cut off by Luke. That's weird he's never alone. "Hey lovely, you're going to the party tonight right?"

I wasn't planing on it why?"

"Cuz I want you to come."

"I'm not sure..." I have only been to a party once,in freshmen year. I showed up and it was THE WORST! I was the "joke". People started to laugh and ever sense I have sworn parties.

"C'MON IT WILL BE FUN!" He whines with a puppy face at the end.

"Fine I will go." He just smiles and walks away.

I guess I'm going to a party.

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