My life sucks. I live alone because my parents died In a car car crash when I was four. I get teased and bullied at school for "sleeping around" witch I don't do.

I was innocent until he came around


2. day 1

Alynn's POV

I could hear the faint beeping of my alarm clock, that's slowly getting louder and louder. "Ugh" I groan and flip myself over to turn it off. It Monday. Yay! (Note the sarcasm)

I pull my lazy ass off and out of bed to take a shower.

When I'm out of the shower it's already 7:20am. "Shit" I mumble to myself. School started in less then half a hour. I wish I could just skip, stay home and watch some Supernatural on Netflix. Unfortunately that's not going to happen if I wanna get into a good school.

I walk over to my closer and drop my towel. I first pick out some purple poka dotted bra and underwater that matched. After I put that on I pick out a pair of black ripped super skinny jeans that feels like a second skin. To go with it I pull out a see threw white tee that said "Talk Dirty To Me" with nerd glasses below it.

After I got dressed I put on very little and very light makeup. One last look in the morior and I ready to go!

I lightly hop downstairs. I turn the corner into my average sized kitchen. I grab an apple from the vintage bowl in the island and head to the door.

I pull out my red converse, put them on and head out the door.

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