Everything Changed

You and Justin have been best friends since you guys was 3 years old, you guys are now 19, so it's been 16 years. He was the only person who gets you, and was there for you when you needed someone to talk to. Until he got discovered on YouTube and moved to LA. Now he was the most powerful and most successful teenager on earth. It's been 3 year since the last time you saw him. You miss him so much. Ever since he left you started having a crush on him, it's like you was obsessed. You had all of his albums, have pictures of him, and everything. Now that you turned 19, your moving out of your parents house. Since the house you bought is next to Justin's, you guys started hanging out and catching up on things and EVERYTHING CHANGED.


2. Chapter 1: After 3 Years

* = your mind

Allyson POV

*Today is the day. The day I'm moving out of my parents house and next to my bestfriend house that I haven't seen for 3 years. I got discovered as a singer 2 years ago. I'm a really successful singer, even though I'm not as popular as Justin, I'm still successful, and I have awesome dedicated fans. I turned 19 yesterday so I'm moving out of my parents house.*

Mom- Oh my god, I'm gonna miss you so much honey.

* mom said as a tear dropped from her eyes.*

Me- awww mom i'm gonna miss you too, please don't cry, or I'm gonna start crying too.

Mom- Sorry, It's just that your growing up so fast, next thing you know you gonna fall in love, get married, have kids and your not gonna be my baby girl anymore.

Me- Mom don't say that, I will always be your baby girl.

* I leaned in to give her hug my mom, she hugged me back tighter and start to cry more. I wipe her tears with my thumb. I pulled back and walked to my dad, and hugged him*

Dad- I can't believe my baby girl is leaving me.

Me- I'm not leaving you dad, my house is only 38 minutes away.

Dad- But knowing I wont see you everyday makes me sad.

Me- It's ok dad, that's better than not seeing me at all. Ok it's time for me to go.

Mom- Ok sweetie

Me- I love you mom and dad!!!

Dad- We love you too!

Me- Take care!

*I waved at them and get in my ferrari, I drove to the house for 40 minutes. When i finally got there, the securities opened the gate for me. I said thank you and drove till I found the house. I parked my car, took my keys, my handbag, and my drink that i bought on the way. I got out of the car and lock it. I took a deep breath, and unlock the house door. Im so happy that i have my own house now. I came to the house already, so all my furnitures where already fixed. I went inside and went straight to my room. I put all my stuff on the bed and layed down on my back. I fixed myself, and walk out my room, I went downstairs and went next door. I feel so nervous, I haven't seen Justin for 3 years now, what if he don't wanna be my friend anymore. I finally got to his house I ring the bell and waited for someone to open the door, after like 34 seconds someone finally opened the door.*

Me- Hello im here to see Justin. ??- oh ok one second

Justin POV

*Me and the guys were by the pool talking about girls, and.....you know stuff boys talk about. Until we heard the bell ring. Za went to open the door so we all continue talking. After a minute Za came back.*

Za- uhhh Justin theres a girl name allyson asking for you.

Me- Allyson?? I dont know any girl name allyson.

Za- I dont know man, I think she's that model who made that song called We Cant Stop. Should i let her in??

Me- uhh yea

Za- ight

*I was lying I knew exactly who Allyson was. My childhood bestfriend, who I left because I got discovered. I always loved her, It's so hard for me to watch her music videos and see her in every magazines when I know I can't have her. Noone knows I like her, except for my two guy bestfriends Ryan and Chaz. Why didn't I ask her out before I got famous?? Or when she got discovered? The real question here is, What is she doing here?*

Allyson POV

*The guy came back, and told me to come in so I went inside. The house was beautiful inside and out. I followed him to the back, We went outside and I saw everyone by the pool. Some other guys and JUSTIN. Once I layed my eyes on him, It felt like the day we met when we was young all over again.*

Me- Justin!?

Justin- Allyson!?

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