Rose is a seventeen year old girl who is about to graduate high school. When her brother Johnny passes in a car wreck she isolates herself from everyone and mourns for two years of her teenage life. Surrounded by people everywhere she can't help but feel alone. Her brother spends most his days locked in his room and the love between her parents slowly dissolves. On a cold Saturday afternoon she runs into the boy who will soon help her find herself. But, her father wants nothing to do with the boy who he believes is ruining his daughter's future. Their love becomes something they have to fight for, but the closer Rose gets to college in California the harder.


2. Coffee

Chapter 1: Coffee

I pulled the red jumper with the number 85 on the front over my head. As I danced into my black skinny jeans I could hear the bickering between my mother and father. This isn't new to me. Hearing them argue early in the morning while me and Dustin got ready for school. Whenever they hear us coming down the stairs its their cue to stay quiet and act as if nothing happened. Ever since Johnny left its how its been. I got on my knees and rummaged through my closet in search for my black combat boots. The door creaked open and I turned my head to see who it was.

"Have you seen my boots?"

"Which ones?" my mother asked before bringing her cup of coffee to her lips.

"The black ones." I sighed still rummaging through shoes.

"I tossed them out. You used them far too much, you need a change, Rose."

I ran my fingers through my wavy hair in frustration and snagged my brown uggs from the back of my closet and sat on the bed to slide my feet into them.

"I guess i'll be like every teen girl in my school and wear these." I smiled weakly.

My mother gave me an aplogetic smile and walked out.

I cringed as I put on the boots and looked out the window to see the pouring rain. 

Rain and uggs? bless.

I grabbed my book bag from the ground along with my phone. Before heading downstairs I shoved my white converse in my book bag. 


"Morning." My father smiled sitting at the counter. 

I simply nodded and put my earbuds into my ears and let pompeii by Bastille fill my ears. My  mother grabbed the keys from the counter and kissed my father's cheek before walking to the door and asking me if I was ready.

"You know you dont have to pretend right? Dustin and I aren't oblivous to the fact our parents fight every morning." I shook my head and opened my umbrella before stepping out. 

"I'll walk." I called out to my mother nonchalantly. 

I hate how my parents think they have to be together just to keep Dustin & I sane. Were already broken and they aren't the best actors. You can't fake love. You simply can't. When Johnny was around father would look at my mother like she was a work of art. Now, his eyes barely meets hers. 

"But if you close your eyes,

does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? 

And if you close your eyes,

does it almost feel like you've been here before?"

 My eyes stayed connected to the ground as I walked to avoid any awkwarded glances with people. 

My earbuds fell from my ears and I felt a burning liquid coming in contact with my shirt and sinking through stinging my chest. 

I looked up at the boy who's coffee I think I just spilled and frowned apologetically.

"Shit! watc–" his voice spoke harshly. His eyes met mine and his angry expression softened. 

"S'alright, love. I apologize, it was my fault. I was texting and didn't bother to look ahead."

I nodded and smiled weakly staring down at my jumper.

"Sorry about that. I have a hoodie in my trunk you could barrow it if you'd like?" his voice was shaky.

I nodded and followed him to his car that was parked in front of Starbucks. He opened his trunk and I stood there behind him waiting. My feet felt wet and itchy and I looked down to see my uggs were soaked in coffee. I sighed in frustration for the second time this morning. The boy who was the cause of this turned to see what was wrong.

"Shi– I mean damn." 

I smiled at his change of word.

"Those boots are crap anyway." He laughed then stopped before continuing. "I mean, not unless you like them." he stammered out. I chuckled in response and shook my head.

"I hate them." I said and smiled softly.

"So she speaks!" he clasped his hands together.

I bit my lip and stared at the ground nodding.

"Sorry..I'll get that hoodie." He turned back around to snag the hoodie and handed it to me.

I nodded in thanks and walked around his car to change. He realized what I was doing and faced the opposite direction. Within two minutes I was changed into the oversized yellow hoodie with the words, "CAMPUS." 

"I can hold that in my car and give it back after school. If thats okay, yeah? I mean only if you want. You don't have to." He choked out and sent me a smile. I couldn't help but giggle. Why is he so choked up around me?

I nodded and stook my arm out and he took the jumper to put it in the trunk.

"Thank you." I said lowly and waved goodbye before walking off to school. I turned around before continuing to walk. "I'll give your hoodie back in front of school doors, yeah?"

"Keep it." He nodded and walked back inside starbucks for i'm guessing a a new coffee.


Author's note timeeee.

Okay, this story may or may not be inspired by Endless Love. So if you seem to notice congratulations! I wont make the story identical, though. I'm changing it up and sort of making it my own but keeping it sort of similar to the movie. I just really loved the movie and was dying to write a fanfic inspired by it so here it is. Okay, bye. <33

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