Rose is a seventeen year old girl who is about to graduate high school. When her brother Johnny passes in a car wreck she isolates herself from everyone and mourns for two years of her teenage life. Surrounded by people everywhere she can't help but feel alone. Her brother spends most his days locked in his room and the love between her parents slowly dissolves. On a cold Saturday afternoon she runs into the boy who will soon help her find herself. But, her father wants nothing to do with the boy who he believes is ruining his daughter's future. Their love becomes something they have to fight for, but the closer Rose gets to college in California the harder.


1. Autophobia


Is the specific phobia of isolation; a dread of being alone or isolated. Sufferers need not be physically alone, but believe that they are being ignored, unloved.

I'm different. As you know. Mother would never agree and would always deny it, but I knew I was. I didn't mind really. After Johnny left I didn't care enough to speak or bother with friends. I isolated myself from everyone else. I didn't want to speak. I don't know why really. Dustin tried to get me to talk with his friends. He wasted his time. I just sat there with my head nodding at whatever they were speaking about but my attention was else where. His friends looked at me with pity and never bothered to say hello after. For two years I mourned over Johnny's death. So did my father. 
Things at home changed when he left. Mother 's eyes never lit up when she came home to see father sitting at the couch with a cup of coffee in his hand and his notebook in the other. Dustin stayed upstairs locked in his room with his music playing loud enough to block us all out. 
Then you came along and Dustin started laughing again. Mother started smiling. There was an awakening in me. You awakened me. I was scared of being alone for the rest of my life. You came along and you loved me. For once in years I felt alive. I felt young and dumb. As you read this I hope a smile is on your face because theres one on mine. You changed me and helped me see the better things in life. The exciting things in life. You brought me onto your rollercoaster of life and unfortunately the ride is over. I love you, Zayn. I hope when you hold her in her arms you are happy. Happier than I ever made you.

- Rose.

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