No One Saw Her (1D)

"No one saw her the way she truly was..."
Well this is sorta true... No one can see me, unless I want them too. I'm not supposed to be here but I am. I always have dreams about the same 5 boys telling me not to go, Stay


3. Meeting Them...

I ran to the bathroom in fear and I accidentally ran into the men's. Standing there were the boys that are in most of my dreams. All five of them. I almost fainted but the one with black hair and dark brown eyes caught me.

*A Few Hours Later*

"We finally found her, I can't believe it I've missed her so much." I heard one of the boys say, after hearing their voices in my dreams I guessed it was the blonde one.

I slowly sat up and they just stared at me in disbelieve. "Hi Madelyn." They all said in perfect coordination. "H-how do you know my name." I stuttered. "You don't remember, do you?" The one with curly brown hair and bright green eyes said.

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