No One Saw Her (1D)

"No one saw her the way she truly was..."
Well this is sorta true... No one can see me, unless I want them too. I'm not supposed to be here but I am. I always have dreams about the same 5 boys telling me not to go, Stay


1. Maddie

Hi, my name is Maddie. My best-friends name is Erin, she is one of the only ones who can see me. (Only when I want her too...) She's usually the only one I give permission to see me. Until now, I used to have more friends in my other life but I don't really remember them. I always have the strangest dreams though, like the one I had last night


"But I'll miss you Maddie!" The boy screamed at me he had bright blue eyes and dull blonde hair, he looked strangely familiar. "Maddie you can't go there, it's dangerous." He said again. I started falling and...

*End Of Dream*

I always have dreams like those people that are randomly familiar telling me to stay.

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