"remember me"

Niall and i were best friends back in Ireland well in the terms were u see once he left for x-factor he left everyone besides his parents behind , hi im Nicole i have obre brown hare with blue eyes and olive skin and this is my life story..


3. nialll

nialls pov

i folowed her home than to anothher place it looked like a mansion sorta weird right i wached as she went inside and heard another girl yelp of joy

i really didnt pay attention to the rest cause i was just staring at the door wondering if i should knock or not but i went with my heart and knocked *knock*knock* Nicole instantly came to the door with a big smile on her face but once she saw me it was wiped off "uhh may i help yo-you" she said tears brimming her eyes "nicole its me, do u remember"


"then why are u crying, please talk to me "

"k-k-karma please tell him to leave"this girl came to the door and her eyes wyden once she saw me "get off my properity and away from my house NOW!!!" anger renging in her voice

"no no not until nicole will talk to me"

"what if she doesnt wanna talk to y-" she was cut off by nicole talking

"ill talk to him as long as he promises to leave me alone affter " she said at that i felt relived

"thank you lets go "

"fine but if he hurts u let me know and that pretty boy face of his will be black and blue "her friend i guess karma said"that girl scares me" i whisper to nicole pulling her outside

"ok talk five minutes clocks a tikin" she says but i dont talk i just grab her waist and kiss her with my whole heart but she just stands there shocked at what i did but shock isnt the only emotion on her face theres also anger and lots of it "what the hell was that for " she asked wiping her moth like shes got dirt on it and lets just say that hurt"wh-what do u mean" i ask already knowing she doesnt like me like  i like her "i hate you u left me why would u do that i me-" she was stopped mid sentance when a shot from the house came and we rushed inside to see that her friend was laying by the steps holding her ancle

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