"remember me"

Niall and i were best friends back in Ireland well in the terms were u see once he left for x-factor he left everyone besides his parents behind , hi im Nicole i have obre brown hare with blue eyes and olive skin and this is my life story..


1. meet again

nicoles pov

i was walking down to park street mall textin my bestie karma when i bumped into some one "opps im so so-" i couldnt finish because i knew who it was Niall ,Niall Horan, the one who left me for x-factor no goodbye no nothing "ni-nnicole" he screeched out

"no no i think u have the wrong person sorry" i said before quickly scuring off into the direction of my house/aparment complex i quickly grabbed my phone and dialed my best friend karmas number

k= hello

n= he-helllo i-i-i just ran into niall and could i please come over pl-please i need you

k= well obviousness yes but why u crying he isn't worth your tears u know

n= i know but please

k= yeah of course ill get pizza u get the movies k

n=k bye see ya in5

k= u too love ya bestie

n= love ya too

i quickly began walking towards the apartment complex completly forgetting why i went to the mall to get my boyfiend a present for his birthday all well ill go back tommorow

but little did i know what was coming next ...

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