"remember me"

Niall and i were best friends back in Ireland well in the terms were u see once he left for x-factor he left everyone besides his parents behind , hi im Nicole i have obre brown hare with blue eyes and olive skin and this is my life story..


2. Chapter 2

Niall's POV:
"Hey Liam I gotta go use the Lou ill be back in a minute." I said as I walked off. I was on my phone when I suddenly felt another body run into me. "Oops I'm sor-" I heard her say. Oh my god it was her. NicoleNicole, Nicole Hummer. "Ni-Nicole is that you?" I said looking into her beautiful blue eyes. "No no  you must have me mistaken sorry about bumping into you bye." She said and walked off. I know that was her I know her blue eyes and her beautiful olive skin. She was my child hood friend before I went to audition for the x-factor. As soon as she walked away I called the Liam. 
L=hey where r you?
N=hey I just ran into my childhood friend Nicole hummer. I won't be back for a couple of hours. 
L=what do you mean?
N=ill be back later tell the other lads.

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