Not A Dream (Larry Stylinson)

Louis and Harry are falling in love, actually they always were in love, they just didn't understand. They have spent the past three years lying to everyone, including themselves about how they feel about each other, now everything is falling apart. The fans were right, 'Larry Stylinson' is real.


9. Ch. 9 - I'm Sorry Niall

Louis' P.O.V

I was crying on Harry's shoulder when Liam walked back downstairs. He told me that I should go apologise to Niall, I was going to anyway. Harry pulls me to my feet.

I make my way up the stairs, I am scared to talk to Niall, he looked so upset when he ran away from me earlier. I take a deep breath to try and make my breathing sound more normal but it still sounds shaky because I haven't completely stopped crying yet.

I open the door to Niall's room and look inside. "Niall?" I ask as I walk in. Niall is sitting on his bed, his hands covering his face.

"Yeah?" he says, slightly looking up at me.

"Look, I'm sorry, I shouldn't of yelled at you like that" I begin as I walk over to him. I sit down beside Niall and pull his hands away from his face.

"I know you are Louis, I'm sorry too though, I shouldn't of asked you what I did" Niall says while avoiding my eyes.

"Look at me Niall, I'm crying, not because you thought I was Bi but because I made you upset, it hurt so much when I saw the look on your face before you ran away" I tell him, he looks up at me to examine my tear-stained face.

"I'm sorry I made you cry Lou" Niall whispers as he leans towards me, he falls into my arms and lays his head on my shoulder, I wrap my arms around him.

We have both stopped crying but we aren't moving, I still have my arms around Niall who now has his eyes closed. Niall is like my little brother, I'll look after him when he needs me to, I won't let anyone harm him.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis has been with Niall for an hour, I wonder if they are alright. I want to go check on them but I'm not sure if I should.

Zayn just got home before and Liam and I explained what happened, he couldn't believe it.

I get up from the couch, I think I will go check on Louis and Niall. I walk up the stairs quietly, I can't hear anything coming from Niall's room. His door is open so I look in, Louis is sitting on the bed with Niall, they aren't talking, just hugging. They look so peaceful, so I'll just leave.

I walk back downstairs and into the kitchen where Liam and Zayn are talking while cooking dinner. They smile at me as I sit down at the bench.

"I went to go check on Louis and Niall" I say as I examine the food on the bench to figure out what they are cooking.

"How are they?" Zayn asks, as he chucks egg shells into the bin.

"They are just sitting on the bed hugging" I reply.

"That's all?' Liam asks.

"Yep, I watched them for about a minute and that's all they were doing" I say as I stand up to go wash my hands so I can help them cook.

"I wonder when they will join us" Zayn says looking towards the stairs.

"Who knows, they looked quite peaceful, they both had their eyes closed" I reply as I dry my hands. Liam and Zayn smile as they picture it in their heads.

I turn on the radio, then I start helping. I just thought we needed some music while we cook. Oh hold on this is our song, 'Nobody Compares'.

"No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile" I sing alone to my favourite line of the song. I smile, this reminds me of Louis. No one makes me feel the same way I do when he smiles.

I'm now smiling like an idiot, Liam and Zayn are looking at me like I'm an idiot too, great.

"Stop looking at me like that" I growl. We laugh then Zayn changes the subject. Now we are talking about how we have a concert to do tomorrow along with the two interviews we also have to do.

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